Syncing the System

Balance for you, and your client

It’s really tough to get your client’s energy in balance if your own energy isn’t also balanced. One could argue that Syncing the System is not actually a hygiene skill, and in some ways that’s accurate. However, I think of it as a hygiene skill because it’s difficult to work on a client’s energy when your own energy is in a state of dysregulation between the left and right hemispheres.

All of us have this issue! All of are either right-brain centric, (feminine, creative energies) or left-brain centric, (masculine, analytical energies). Neither is better, and of course, all of us utilize both sides of our brain for different activities and actions.

For example, if you were developing a cookbook with original recipes and your own illustrations, you’d be using your right brain to create the recipes and to design the illustrations. You’d use your left brain to determine measurements, generate an ingredient and shopping list, and to write up the recipe itself.

You can look at many of the tasks and activities in your day and see how you’re using the left brain qualities and characteristics to do a portion of the task or activity, and the right brain to create and expand on whatever you’ve been doing or thinking that is more analytical than creative.

Astral then Etheric

There’s no one way to set your energy hygiene in place. As long as you complete all of the hygiene skills, your energy is set for the work you’re going to perform on behalf of your client. Having said that, I have a tendency to put my Astral hygiene in place and then follow that with the Etheric hygiene. It simply helps me ensure that I have completed all of the steps and that my energy is contained and in appropriate separation from the client and his or her energy.

Next steps:

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