Tell me about you!

I’d love to know a little bit about you and your interest in clearing your Chakras. Please share your reasons for joining this class, learning these skills and creating (enhancing) your self-care practice by answering my questions below.

Here’s what I’ve heard from clients and students who take up the important work of self-care.

  • I’d like to be more present, engaged and authentic in my interactions.
  • My triggers get the best of me sometimes. I’m tired of shooting first, asking questions later.
  • I get it already. I’ve figured out why I behave the way I do, it’s time to learn how to respond differently.
  • I feel blocked, stuck in some intangible way. I’m ready to move forward.
  • Self-care is a top of mind focus for me. I’ve given myself away, met others needs at the expense of my own. I want to put myself and my needs at the top of my to-do list.
  • My spiritual practice needs a boost. I’d like to be as connected to my inner world as I am to my outer world.

Maybe your reason for taking this course is in the list above. Or maybe you have another reason to be learning to clear energy.

It’ll be great to know a bit about you in advance of our live Q&A call. Thanks!

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