Tell me about you!

I’d love to know a little bit about you and your interest in clearing your Chakras. Please share your reasons for joining this class, learning these skills and creating (enhancing) your self-care practice by answering my questions below.

Here’s what I’ve heard from clients and students who take up the important work of self-care.

  • I’d like to be more present, engaged and authentic in my interactions.
  • My triggers get the best of me sometimes. I’m tired of shooting first, asking questions later.
  • I get it already. I’ve figured out why I behave the way I do, it’s time to learn how to respond differently.
  • I feel blocked, stuck in some intangible way. I’m ready to move forward.
  • Self-care is a top of mind focus for me. I’ve given myself away, met others needs at the expense of my own. I want to put myself and my needs at the top of my to-do list.
  • My spiritual practice needs a boost. I’d like to be as connected to my inner world as I am to my outer world.

Maybe your reason for taking this course is in the list above. Or maybe you have another reason to be learning to clear energy.

It’ll be great to know a bit about you in advance of our live Q&A call. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Tell me about you!”

  1. Hi
    My name is Suzanne and it seems as if I have been into metaphysics all my life. I would saying I am a healer, not as a profession but when I am practicing healing on people, I receive pictures and messages. I feel it is time to upgrade my skills to be more fluent in explaining what I am receiving. I would also like to be able to channel on demand so to speak as I have always wanted to be able to receive information from loving divine beings.
    I see a lot of courses that you teach that are of interest to me so I am starting with the mandatory CLEAR course and then I will see where it leads me. Thanks.

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks for introducing yourself. It’s nice to meet you! I would imagine the Channeling course is of interest to you, and perhaps you’re also interested in the practitioner programs so that you can codify your understanding and develop a client practice. Whatever your process and journey, it’s nice to have you here. Enjoy the CLEAR skills, and I’ll look forward to our live call together in a couple of weeks!

  2. I have been in “care-giver” mode all of my life and am making changes to take care of me as I heal from Lyme and confections. I am also feeling that energy work will have a significant role in my future. I am open and looking forward to what lies ahead but definitely gleaning much in my present healing journey.

    • Hi Deirdre, welcome to CLEAR! It’s absolutely wonderful that you’re here taking the CLEAR course. Putting yourself first is paramount for healing! I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with Lyme and co-infections. That can be quite a journey! I have some great practitioners who work with Lyme if you need additional support. Happy to make an introduction on your behalf.

      There are some great practitioner programs at EHI, so if you feel as though energy healing is part of what may be next for you, do check out the programs. And if you decide at some point to join the Astral Practitioner Program, you have a credit for the cost of the CLEAR course that can be applied to your tuition. The skills are part of the program, and I never want someone to pay for them twice. Just let me know should you decide to join, and we’ll take care of it!


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