Tell us about your experience with viewing energy Copy

Have you experienced visual optics where you ‘see’ energy? Perhaps an aura surrounding someone’s head, or colors and shapes when meditating, receiving body work or other healing treatments? Have you seen ‘ghosts’ or other disembodied energies?

Have you found yourself wondering what the images, colors, shapes or other perceptions mean?

Sometimes people have a functioning capacity to see energy, auras, colors, shapes, symbols, but they don’t know how it occurs, or what they’re doing to see these things.

It’s not enough to see energy, you actually have to learn how to dialogue and interpret energy from within the system where the energy is being perceived.

Too often, people with an organic or innate capacity to see energy follow up their perceptions with analysis and interpretation that comes from their Analyzer, which is not the resource that perceives energy.

To offer an analogy, that’s a lot like taking your car to a beauty salon to find out what’s wrong with the engine! Probably not going to be all that productive or helpful.

Before we get too deep into the learning process, I’d love to know a little bit about you. The other members of the cohort will appreciate reading about you, too. Please answer the questions in the discussion box below. Thank you!

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