Untangling Nadis

The minor Nadis are profound resources for healing

When a physical illness or disease is part of your client’s experience (or of course, your own experience), there is energy dysregulation in the Etheric body. Nothing happens physically that doesn’t first happen energetically.

An illness or disease is a manifestation of the dysregulated energy, and in many cases, there is a constricted energy flow. Depending on your client’s case, Untangling Nadis is a very powerful way to support an increase in energy flow, as well as generate an additional capacity to release and surrender toxic, unhealthy energy from the client’s body. When energy flows freely, it flows both in and out with ease. When an energy flow is constricted, neither receiving or surrendering energy is accomplished freely. The result is stagnation. Not enough vitality flowing in, not enough spent energy releasing.

This system recognizes the 72,000 minor Nadis

In this energy healing system, the 72,000 minor Nadis are recognized and validated as part of the overall Etheric body. The minor Nadis are minute channels that distribute tiny streams of energy to the Etheric chakras. When there is constriction in the minor Nadis, energy flow is inhibited and in some cases, nearly stalled.

In some cases, such as malignancies, the body’s wisdom has inhibited this flow to help the immune system and the organ to contain the cancer in an effort to help the body overcome or maintain status quo. The body is always seeking balance, homeostasis, and it will work to support healing through constricted energy. Eventually this may no longer be effective. If the body is unable to manage cancer cell replication, then the metastasizing proceeds.

Non-metastasizing illness is a good candidate for Untangling Nadis

When your clients present with an illness, disease, injury or syndrome, if it is stationary, non-metastasizing, Untangling Nadis will free up energy flow and support greater vitality and release of toxic, spent energy. Even a deep contusion or broken bone will benefit from Untangling Nadis.

You may remember my description of the torn meniscus I had in 2020. I ultimately chose a stem cell injection and acupuncture as the primary treatment, rather than surgery and physical therapy. The stem cell treatment projected a 6-8 week recovery, with the combination of Combing Health Rays and Untangling Nadis, Clearing the Etheric Aura and a bit of Etheric Chakra Clearing, and of course, ongoing infusions of Prana, I was back in business in 2.5 weeks! I’m a poster child for stem cell treatments at the clinic where I was treated!

Cover the territory, but keep your hands together

You’ll be watching the preparation and demonstration videos shortly. You’ll see the illustrations and download them for your reference library. (By the way, you know those plastic sleeves you can slip papers into? That’s what I envision practitioners doing with the illustration pdfs. Then slip them into a notebook, and you’ve got a quick reference guide for every skill and protocol you’re learning!)

Notice that my hands are traveling the terrain together. In so many cases, especially in the aura, I urge you to separate your hands, move them in different directions, ride multiple layers of the aura concurrently. But not here. The work is more efficient, and you’ll cover the territory more effectively if you hold your hands together, Untangling Nadis as you move them around near the surface of the body.

Next steps:

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