Watch the video to Release Guides, Beings, and Entities Copy

I’ll never forget the day I learned that I could fire ‘guides’ and beings. What a relief!

It’s aligned with the concept of sovereignty, of course, to be able to disengage from guides and beings. There’s no law that says you have to stay connected to people in your life, including family. So it stands to reason that you can also let go of guides and beings.

There are two guides that you’ll always have in your experience. You can’t let go of them, they’re an integrated part of Who You Are. Even if you thought you wanted to disengage from them, it wouldn’t happen, because it would be like letting go of yourself.

What you may discover to be a fairly significant process each time you channel, is releasing beings and guides with whom you’ve been unconsciously interacting.

Next steps:

Watch the video on the process for releasing guides and beings, and then proceed to the subsequent activities in this segment of your first lesson.

We’re almost ready to channel! I promise!

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