Send Your Shame up in Flames

Well, by now you all realize that I devoted two entire posts to guilt (which you can find here and here).  I have no problems with that, and I’m not justifying a thing.  All I can say is that shame deserves equal time. So what’s the thing with shame?  Why are shame-fests so common?  What’s … Read more

Feeling the Love…& the Anxiety & the Depression & the Rage…Or Why Being an Empath Ain’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be

Many of the healers who find EHI and its Energy Healing Training programs cross the threshold in a state of depletion, overwhelm and exhaustion.  Why is that?  Is it exhausting to be a healer and have a healing practice?  Do healers have to give themselves away to support and facilitate transformation in others only to … Read more