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Stuck Sux

It sucks when you’re stuck.  And we’ve all been there. Bogged down. Effort & Pushing. Ennui & Passivity. Doesn’t matter. Stuck. Yet all of us have gotten unstuck. Moving. In flow. Praise be! What’s the formula for going from stuck to flow? Releasing attachment. Hanging a tapestry with industrial strength velcro was a simple task.… [Read More…] about Stuck Sux

Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies

CK doesn’t mean that exactly.  But CK does mean that manifestation is both entirely simple and overwhelmingly complex.  Thus, not for sissies. Simple: Intention + Attention + Energy = Manifestation Simple.  You choose what you want to create (intention).  You put your focus on the desired creation (attention).  You take appropriate steps and actions (energy).… [Read More…] about Manifestation – It’s Not For Sissies

The Best of Humanity

An additional Chakra Khan post comes out today on the #bealeader blog.  Titled Power Up! The Energetics of Leadership This is a summary of a Remote Collective Healing emailed to the 120+ known participants held on Tuesday, 4/16/2013, the day following the explosion at the Boston Marathon.  My gratitude to the participants for joining in… [Read More…] about The Best of Humanity

Good Grief

Once in a while someone will ask me if energy healing is a substitute or work around to help avoid feeling emotions.  Yeah, I know, interesting question. When the question arises, it’s often about wanting to avoid feeling anger.  Many folks have an aversion to anger because it’s a powerful emotion, and can become a… [Read More…] about Good Grief