Download & Practice Partnering Chakras

A simple practice that yields huge returns

I think often of one of my clients who was so enthralled with how this simple practice shifted her tendency to get overwhelmed when contemplating large tasks. Her pattern was to decide to take on a project, then she’d begin to explore the work involved and find herself freezing emotionally, invalidating her capabilities followed by ongoing procrastination. The pattern destabilized all of her chakras, with the possible exclusion of the seventh chakra, which seemed to manage fine, but have no agency with which to restart her functioning and operating in her life.

When this client learned Partnering Chakras, it became the catalyst for moving forward, for getting things done, for taking on large projects and tasks and seeing them through to completion — without freezing, invalidating her abilities or procrastination. 

An important concept to internalize

Please think about this. When you learn Setting the Chakras, you’re building a relationship with your energy where the chakras are balanced and able to function on all levels. In other words, when the feet chakras are too closed, the implications could result in monkey mind, to a lack of grounding and embodiment, to an inability to let go…and more. When the feet chakras are set correctly, it’s harder to be a monkey mind, it’s nearly impossible to go out of your body, and letting go is viable because gravity is in effect. When you follow Setting the Chakras with Partnering the Chakras, you reinforce the chakra percentages while leveraging your energy body’s organic interesting in aligning and galvanizing for being and doing Who You Are. The partnerships assist you to actualize your authentic self, and they help you get things done, create and manifest ideas, own your spirituality, and ensure that you are operating from your full self, not an overactive part.

As you think about your chakras, which ones are you aware of needing to pay particular attention to because they are frequently too open or too closed? Notice now what may become more apparent as you begin to work with the chakra partnerships. For example, if your second chakra is too open, you’re awash in other people’s energy. Like as not, your fifth chakra is too closed, because your authentic self-awareness is inhibited by everyone else’s energy in your second chakra. How can you know how you feel, who you are, when you’re running everyone else’s energy? In fact, one of my favorite questions to ask myself when I do something I don’t like or behave ineffectively is, ‘whose energy was I using’? Often times when I do or say things that are highly out of character, it’s because I’ve taken on someone else’s energy and am operating in concert with that energy! If you don’t ask that question, you won’t know. Your energy body doesn’t actually have the capacity to sort out your anger or anxiety from someone else’s.

Sandwich Partnering Chakras

Here’s a fun and important thing to try: Practice the following three skills in the order presented 15-20 times/day for a few weeks.

Setting the Chakras
Partnering the Chakras

Consciously observe your experience as you go through your days during this experience.

Do things come more easily?

Do you notice a greater sense of balance, alignment, flow?

Do you have new habits emerging?

Are you surprising yourself by taking things on you might otherwise have avoided?

Next steps:

Download your reference materials, and then proceed to the next Topic where you’ll hear some thoughts from EHI clients about the value of this skill.