Watch the Demonstration: Balancing Etheric Chakras

An as needed protocol

Remember that the Clearing the Etheric Aura, Clearing Etheric Chakras, Untangling Nadis and Combing Health Rays are skills and protocols that may be a more effective approach to treating your client’s energy, based on their case. This is a great protocol for treating acute illnesses, to jumpstart healing and move things forward more rapidly. It can also be effective for treating chronic illness that has a gradual curve or trajectory for resolution. It may not be as effective for a case that has unpredictable symptoms associated with it, such as Irritable Bowel. Too much of a transition in the Etheric chakra could cause a client who tends to process emotions through the body instead of their emotional awareness, to react with symptoms that appear to exacerbate their issue, when in fact, it’s the way they are integrating their experience. In these cases, the Astral aspects of the work hold increasing significance. No one needs to process their emotions through their bowels! Yet many do.

Please take your time with this protocol

If you’re still building facility with sensing in your hand chakras, this protocol may well be best left to a time when you feel more aligned and conscious of what your hands can sense. Overdoing this protocol is not helpful to the client, and could even be disturbing to equilibrium. You can do so many things in your integrated Astral/Etheric sessions, that this is not essential.

Review the illustrations below, and notice how tiny the adjustment is in the hand that is over the Etheric chakra. You’ll find where the client’s chakra is resonating (in relation to the hand that is reflecting balance), and then make an incremental shift in that chakra.

You’ll hear me say, listen with your hands. The hands register feedback pretty readily when you’ve found the attunement to energy. This is a protocol that happens slowly, deliberately and only when it is important to the client case, and tests as a ‘yes’ with your pendulum.

Next steps:

When you’ve completed the Demonstration video, you’ll proceed to the next Lesson and Topics in the protocol, Cooling & Easing Inflammation.