Watch the Demonstration: Chakra Clearing

Intention & Attention are key

Here’s where intention and attention become really important. Being accurate about which Etheric chakra to clear and why, ensuring that your hand is on the appropriate chakra, saying hello to the specific chakra you’re clearing so that your intention and actions are aligned, and maintaining focus so that you don’t overdo the clearing in the Etheric body.

You’ll watch a brief demonstration of Etheric chakra clearing. I’m working a client case that has to do with anxiety (Astral) and digestive concerns (Etheric). A lot of my work is in the lower chakras, both Astral and Etheric.

The use of your hands is identical. When you begin to work with your practice clients, you’ll want to become familiar with the dense, sluggish flow of Etheric energy in relation to the much more fluid, enlivened state of Astral energy (even icky Astral energy has more fluidity than Etheric energy).

Major Etheric Chakras

The first image below shows the hand positions for the Etheric 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras.

The second set of images shows the hand positions for the Etheric 5th, 6th and 7th chakras.

Minor Etheric Chakras

The minor Etheric chakras are much harder to map and quantify, and there are no images included as a result. There may be a good reason to clear a minor Etheric chakra, and trust that over time you’ll be able to identify and source the minor chakras for clearing and infusing.

Initially, as you’re learning about physical healing and the Etheric body, I recommend focusing your awareness and attention on the major Etheric chakras and knowing that if you clear a major Etheric chakra, the work is less directed, less targeted at the physical issue, disease, illness or syndrome. As a result, the energy will be dispersed to the chakras and organs on an ‘as needed’ basis, which allows you to trust that you’re not overdoing it, creating an integration issue where too much activity has been focused on the Etheric body.

Next steps:

Watch the Demonstration video, then proceed to the next set of Lessons and Topics on Infusing an Etheric Chakra.