Watch the Demonstration: Clearing Karma Waves or Stacks

Increasing your hand chakra perceptivity

You’ll be continuing to refine and quantify how your hand chakras experience different energetic constructs as you move into the next few Lessons.

Because Karma is one of the major mechanisms for how all of us engage and enroll in patterns, themes, and behaviors, it’s important to become facile at both identifying the patterns, themes and behaviors in the client’s experience, and then to ensure that you’re consistently clearing those energies from their aura in your tablework sessions by Clearing Karma.

You’ll see me demonstrate both methods of Clearing Karma – stacks and waves. Do remember that you use only one method. Whatever method you use in your own clearing practice is the same process you’ll use in your clients’ aura.

The illustrations below will show you both methods, and of course both pdfs are attached below.


Next steps:

Watch the Clearing Karma demonstration video and download the pdf files of the skills so that you have them for your reference library. Then proceed to the Lesson and Topics on Releasing Programming.