A story about The Void and Manifestation

One day a woman woke up from her current state of awareness and realized that she was definitely doing her work in the world, but not in the way that she wanted.

After a month or two alternating between a self-recriminating slug-fest and the terror of ‘what next’, she surrendered and entered the Void.

Soon a prophetic dream about building and creating without struggle stilled the internal beatings and terror.  In their place – the possibility of new ways of working that crept through the dreams wispy tendrils.

Next, the journey and the quest, the call and the silence.  Listening.  Waiting.  Pausing.  Listening.  Listening.

Also, fear, anxiety, impatience, churn.  Those came too.  Unlike the journey and the quest, an active process commenced.  Clearing, releasing, letting go, reassuring, re-membering.  Meditative clearing, actively seeking coherence and alignment.

Returning once again to the journey and the quest.  The silence.  Listening.

Ideas.  Glimmers.  Internal truth-telling.  Congealing and assimilating – an idea, a container, a form.

Active process continues.  Fear, anxiety, impatience, churn.  She’d moved on from the Void of What to Do, into the unknown of How to do.  Hmmmm…a repeated pattern, she noted.  Any new phase or new situation creates these same emotions.  That must be what it means to have a ‘habituated pattern.’

Light dawns with awareness.  She chose to consciously and actively release fear, anxiety, impatience, churn each day, as part of her spiritual practice.

Day-by-day her energy, intention and attention lead her to her newly emerged way of working.  Day-by-day she cleared the habituated patterns of fear, anxiety, impatience and churn.

She lived consciously ever after.

The moral of the story is:  Meditative clearing practices move mountains, one day-at-a-time.

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4 thoughts on “A story about The Void and Manifestation”

  1. “She lived consciously ever after” …. a whole new take on the fairy tale endings life and a special shout out to my fairy guides!

    • Love those scintillating fairies! Like gnomes, I’m always attracted to bright shiny things. And yes, a fairy tale that ends without consciousness is just another story…


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