A story about ADHD: Self-healing & evolution

Resolving ADHD Without Medication

Sometimes people wonder how they can use energy healing to support healing, evolution, change and growth. I’ve been sharing stories with my email list lately, stories about how people have used the energy self-care skills to support letting go of who they are not to become Who They Are. It occurred to me that you’d like to read these stories, too. These are real stories, from real people, told with their permission. The last story in the series of 5 is my own story. I’m not saving the best for last, I’m simply not feeling like I’m a poster child. I’m an advocate, a guide, a coach, a practitioner, and a teacher. But my story is no more important than the ones I’m sharing first.

Victoria is a beautiful, mature woman with a successful client practice. She shares her story about moving beyond a diagnosis of ADHD; letting go of the need to have elaborate processes to compensate for energetic, sensory and emotional overwhelm.

She now knows that the reactivity to the magnitude of stimuli she was experiencing can be managed and resolved by applying simple practices in her chakras and aura, found in The Present of Presence and CLEAR.

Here’s what Victoria shared with me in a recent email:

An ADHD Diagnosis:

I was diagnosed with ADHD 15 years ago. In one month of doing these practices, I no longer experience any of the symptoms that led me to seek a diagnosis!


One of the challenges I consistently faced in my client practice and my life, was knowing what to prioritize, what to respond to, what to let pass by and through. When overwhelmed with input, imagery, sensation and emotion, choice is nearly impossible! Sometimes I felt frozen, other times I leaped into action, in a frenzied state, to manage and account for everything I was experiencing. Neither approach left me feeling whole or aligned.

To compensate, I needed to sit in deep presence to navigate my inner experience, to be able to move about in the world. I’ve meditated twice a day for years to:

  • manage the stimuli
  • anchor my nervous system
  • interact and engage with my life.

Since I’ve been Setting & Partnering my chakras, Establishing my auric boundaries, and Grounding, I am no longer constantly efforting to remain balanced and aligned. I no longer take on or am flooded with information that is not relevant or appropriate for me. My nervous system is calm, regulated and I don’t have to brace myself against the world. I am even comfortable being in large groups!

My thoughts & insights:

How about that? Gorgeous evolution, don’t you think?

This is one of many beautiful, affirming experiences that I’ve witnessed over the last 30 years. Of people choosing to heal, grow, evolve and to do the deep work of becoming Who They Are. Energy clearing excavates the authentic self, buried underneath story, compensations and pain, anger, fear, grief, anxiety, rage. Who You Are is repressed by behaviors, patterns, beliefs and energetic residue that keep you from wholeness, sovereignty, autonomy.

Let me ask you:

Wouldn’t you rather be Who You Are?


[The skills and tools referenced in this post are from two online courses that EHI offers to the consciously curious. The Present of Presence is a free, 1-hour engagement with two foundational skills for energy regulation and embodiment. CLEAR is a series of skills, delivered in an online, self-paced format, for energetic self-care, and for clearing and releasing patterns, themes and behaviors that inhibit authentic presence and in the moment choice.]


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