Be Your Own Healer!

Well now, what does that mean, exactly?

Is CK advocating that you go back to school and become a doctor, nurse, therapist, psychologist?

No. Not really.

After all, I’d have to walk that talk, and you wouldn’t catch me spending my precious time that way!

CK is advocating taking up your own work within yourself, and decreasing reliance on external healers to heal you.

The reality is, HEALERS CAN’T HEAL YOU!

Any self-aware healer knows this. (Note the emphasis on self-aware!)

But trust me, this concept isn’t taught in very many places.  It flies in the face of the doctor/patient model, where the doctor is the master and the patient is subordinate to the knowledge, expertise and authority – the supplicant.

Doctors aren’t bad people. The Doctor/Patient model is a bit outdated, that’s all…

Look around.  You’ll see the model everywhere.

So why rock the boat?

Because the only person who can heal you is you!

Let’s say you have a disease, or a chronic pain, or anxiety, depression or OCD.  Pick a syndrome, any syndrome!

You can head to the appropriate doctor and get pills, elixirs, potions and creams.  You can get shots, surgery, physical therapy.  You can head to an acupuncturist, massage therapist or yoga instructor.  You can meet with a therapist, spiritual counselor or Psychoanalyst.

Bottom line? They offer their expertise, their wisdom and their resources.  All good.

But who does the actual healing?

Does the healer TAKE your pills, elixirs, potions and creams? Do they receive your shots, surgery and physical therapy? Do they lie on the table or assume the poses for you?  Does the therapist turn on your light within?

Nope.  You do.

It’s All About You.

The most joyous moment in my healing practice is when I can respond to a client who thanks me for healing them.  I say something like, ‘I am delighted I was able to share my knowledge with you, and I appreciate your gratitude.’ Then I say:
Rockin’ It! This woman is Her Own Healer!

Now Please. Take All of the Credit for Doing Your Own Work and Finding Your Way Through and Beyond. You Are Your Own Healer!

Will you share your stories where you served as YOH (Your Own Healer)? We’d love to know your experience!

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  1. Jill, I love this! I agree not only do I not heal anyone, no one heals me either. Sometimes, especially when ill, you can forget the locus of power is within where your own inner authority leads you to discern and choose what aligns appropriately to you and how you integrate it into your life and being. Hurray for your reminder!


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