In-bodiment: Home & Hope for the Holidays

Sing it: There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

Do you watch, hum along to the holiday jingles – and HOPE? Might the holiday go by without a snap, a slap or feeling like crap?

Tingling and longing – could we all just get along? 

Hoping and humming – could we all just be nice?

Eyes rolling & teeth gnashing – Could he NOT do that thing he DOES EVERY YEAR?

To cope and make it through, many people talk about ‘checking out’ or ‘autopilot’ for holiday events, family gatherings. CK calls it Out-of-bodiment. Definitely an option, but perhaps not the best approach!

Looking great! Too bad she's out of her body...
Looking great! Too bad she’s out of her body…

Energetically, the Chakras and Aura are vibrating in a way that enables conscious awareness to separate from the physical body. Out-of-bodiment.

Out-of-bodiment is Not a Solution!

MHO (Mandatory Holiday Obligation):

If your family lights you up

The office party tamps you down

Or you feel hostile at the neighborhood wassail

Out-of-bodiment is tempting.

Yet, the question hangs in the field: if your conscious awareness is not with your physical body, then…

Who’s Driving Your Bus?

When you choose [usually unconsciously] out-of-bodiment – someone else drives.

Your body’s in the room, sure. Same outfit and shoes.

Wait! Come back! I want to drive!!!
Wait! Come back! I want to drive!!!

But your consciousness is out riding its carpet in the Cosmos. While someone else drives.

It could be a ‘being or entity’, a part of self – it’s definitely unconscious, so less evolved for sure, yes?

So tell me, how do you know that the driver has your ethos, pathos and sense of humor?

Could the substitute driver have a potty mouth? Hover by the mistletoe – with someone else’s cute date? Drink a skosh too much?

You’re Still Responsible!

Whatever the bus driver does while you’re out and about – it’ll look like you to everyone else!

So the mistletoe debacle? That’ll be yours!

The potty mouth trash talk with your Great Grandmother and the church deacon? Yeah, they’ll think you said it!

And the hangover? Morning, Sunshine! [shouting]

Here’s the Thing:

Out-of-bodiment = Unconscious, Not Present or With Yourself.

In-bodiment = Conscious, Who You Are.  Here and Now.

A lot of the time, Out-of-bodiment is a response strategy to trauma from another time and place.

The family dinner is underway. A whiff of trauma stimulates or triggers unconscious awareness. Unconscious responses to the triggers ignite, and the Chakras and Aura fuel them.

Residual emotion

Pain-body responses

Warning bells & shit detectors

Physical stimulation – adrenals, heart rate, drop in the stomach

Overload comes next (holidays, anyone?) and the body and its energy (Chakras and Auras) disconnect, separate.

The body (Etheric) goes one way.  Your emotional energy (Astral) goes the other.

If the fur flew at home when little, the response would have been learned then. Now it feels ingrained (right), organic (totally), programmed (exactly), habituated (yes).

In-bodiment. Awesome!
In-bodiment. Awesome!

Let me ask:

Do you want to drive your bus?

Fabulously, the license to Be You is registered solely To You! Hallelujah!

In-bodiment: an energy practice for consciously experiencing your life.

Aligned. Intentional. Present. Coherent.

Want some of that for the holidays?

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