Cease, Desist, no need to Resist, Part 2

Last week I offered several strategies for working with resistance – a key factor in energy healing.  When we resist, we defer healing.  We stay stuck.  We can’t unplug from old patterns, behaviors, thoughts or actions because we’ve got our feet planted in the cement of THE WAY IT IS NOW.

When I looked up the definition of Resistance, I found 6 relevant descriptions.  I covered 3 of the descriptions last week, and will now offer tools for the remaining 3 definitions.

Ready?  No need to resist…come along for the read.

Definition #4 – Ability to say no to temptation.  Well now, are we talking chocolate? Because if we are, forget it.  Just move on to the next definition.  Why resist?  Chocolate?  It’s one of the major food groups isn’t it?

But suppose we’re talking about changing a behavior.  Let’s say you’re working on releasing judgment.  And you find yourself in a conversation with someone where your judgment begins to rise to the fore.  After all, not everyone would handle every situation with the same elegance and finesse as you, right?

The unconscious temptation to engage in someone else’s issues at an empathy level (over-identification) rather than a compassion level (observer, witness, guide) can sneak up unawares, causing you to judge or enroll in the person’s experience inappropriately.

What’s the strategy?

  • Imagine saying hello to everyone in the Universe who activates your ‘judge.’
  • Imagine telling all of them that you’re changing, and you no longer respond to the temptation of judging others or over-identifying with their issues and experiences.
  • If you get caught unaware and discover that you’re succumbing to the temptation to judge:
    • Take a breath or two and center your awareness
    • Close your 2nd chakra to 10%
    • Affirm to yourself that you choose to resonate with what’s MINE and to observe and witness what’s NOT MINE
    • Re-enter your engagement with this declarative awareness.  You’ll say no to temptation! Have a piece of chocolate to celebrate!

Definition #5: Force opposing another Force

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader come to mind?

As adults, we take measures to overcome the learned patterns, behaviors and emotional stuck places that we picked up during childhood.  We can find ourselves doing battle – our light shields clashing and slashing with the old ways and patterns.

What to do?  Fight it out?

When the need to FIGHT to stay in your new sense of RIGHT takes all of your MIGHT – say hello.

How to clear it:

  • Say hello to the old patterns, behaviors, stuck places.
  • Say hello to the people from the past, childhood, parents, authority figures, siblings, etc.
  • And then…martial arts.  Step to the side and let the momentum and force of the old ways of being flow right past you.

In saying hello, you acknowledge yourself, your choice to change, and you deflate the entrenched, indoctrinated patterns and ways of engaging your life.

In stepping to the side, you put down your weapons and you allow the old ways to vanquish themselves through their own momentum and force.  You step to the side by choosing to operate differently.

You actually harmonize and resonate into your authentic choices and the old patterns disengage.

Definition #6. Repression of thoughts.  We’re talking unconscious resistance here people.  The part of us that doesn’t want to change in spite of the part of us that does.

What does it do?  It blinds us to seeing where we’re making old choices.  It bites us in the proverbial butt when we discover (not too late, but way down the path), that we’ve slipped in to old ways of being and engaging.  It creates defensiveness, shame, guilt, self-hatred, invalidation.  All great stuff, huh?

How to clear it:

  • Say hello to your resistance
  • Imagine putting it all out on a rose in front of your aura (about 4’ in front of you)
  • Take a good, long look at it – deeply contemplate the ridiculous, unconscious attachment you have to NOT changing what you WANT to change
  • Laugh yourself silly
  • Repeat until you can imagine the energy on the rose dissipating into the mists of the Cosmos – away goes the shame, guilt, defensiveness, self-hatred, invalidation.
  • As the energy disperses, say hello to your evolved self and love the willies out of you!

Resistance is part of our lexicon.  We know we do it, have it, feel it.  And yet, it’s manageable.  We can overcome it, release it, resolve it.

Letting it go is an act of supreme self-love, of conscious awareness, an act of grace.

So have a little chocolate, and practice overcoming temptation, let the momentum of the old ways of being glide on by, and through your self-love and conscious awareness, invite your unconscious resistance dissipate into the ethers.  You’ll be glad you did.

Keep your energy flowing!

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