Chakra Khan (aka Jill Leigh)

Jill Leigh Energy Healing InstituteIt’s a big name to live up to, I have to tell you!  It’s my favorite nickname of all time, and I’ve had a few.  Most of them made me squirrely under my skin.  Like – ‘this is how you think of me?’  I guess I had higher expectations of myself than most of my nicknames.  Although, there was one other – Jillicious – that I thought was pretty fun.

Anyway, with a name like Chakra Khan, you get to have a little fun.  And fun is incorporated in my work – energy healing – I do it, I teach it, I practice it, I learn it, I love it, I promote it, I speak about it.  I just haven’t written about it.

So, like an over-ripe fruit, I’m bursting into new space.  I’m excited to think about developing new relationships through the conversations that emerge from sharing points of view. The themes explored will be energy healing related.  The tone will be as authentic as I can bring.  And I’ll bring the fun with me.

I love to laugh and play.  In fact, I think in cartoon-like pictures.  Often I’ll hear a story and dream up a 3-4 frame cartoon, complete with thought balloons and even songs that illustrate the story.  If I could draw, I wouldn’t be blogging!  (I’ll even share that at one point I wanted to start a cartoon strip called The Thighoneers – women navigating the frontier of middle age.)

So, if I can concoct cartoons out of experience, I’ll hopefully be able to bring you stories and ideas that enrich your practice, help you navigate the woolly wildness of energy, while creating weird and laughable pictures in your mind.  Theme songs are a bonus!

And feel free to talk to me, ask me to write about stuff you don’t get about energy.  If I don’t know, I’ll tell you – and if it tickles my interest, I’ll try and find out!  After 20 years of playing around in the energy, quantum, consciousness, psychic development, channeling, clairvoyance, planes of consciousness, out-of-body chakra, akashic record, shamanic, ceremonial space, I’ve had an experience or two that might be worth sharing.

Rock on, keep your energy flowing!

PS – Chakra Khan is a nickname given to me by one of my clients.  This initial blog post is dedicated to S.A. with gratitude for his crazy humor and his work in my private practice.

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4 thoughts on “Chakra Khan (aka Jill Leigh)”

  1. Whoo hoo…Chakra Khan’s magic carpet has left the building. How lucky we are to be along for the (joyful and playful!) ride!! Awesome job!

    • Thanks Will! Thank heavens for velcro! I have myself velcro’d directly to the carpet. Some of those swooping dives it makes are hair-raising.

  2. Simply Jillicious! Looking forward to hearing more from the Wizard, and learning about energy, chakras and how we can use imagery to heal and enhance our every day lives!


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