Is My First Chakra Red?

Do you believe your chakras match the colors of the rainbow?

I get asked this question all the time.  Is my first chakra red? My second chakra orange? My third chakra yellow?

Usually the inquiry stems from a conversation about the related to a pattern, obstruction, blockage or constriction held in a chakra or in the energy field.  So the question comes with a somewhat worried expression, an anxious tone in the voice.

This is a common, New Age misconception about the chakras and their way of operating.  If you’re new to energy work, you can look at the illustration below and get a sense of why people believe their chakras are colored like the rainbow. While it’s lovely to think that each one of us is our own rainbow, there’s so much more to understand about the chakras. Let me explain.



Astral Chakras

Most images depicting chakras in Western society show the rainbow colors in their appropriate places on the body.  But that’s not how things actually work.  As a trained clairvoyant, I see energy in color, up close and personal.  I look at the chakras, the aura; I’ve been trained to look at the body and its organs and systems.

Meditate on the color, find the chakra

What I learned about the chakras years ago, is that the chakras vibrate at the frequency of red, orange, yellow, green, etc.  Thus, to access a particular chakra, you can meditate on the color of red, orange, yellow, green.  However, that doesn’t mean that’s the predominant color in the chakra itself.  Frankly, I see all kinds of colors in the chakras, some bright and vibrant, others muted and dull.

During tablework, or a remote session, I release the muted, dull colors (an indication that the energy isn’t theirs), and leave the vibrant colors in place – whatever color they are, in whatever chakra they’re residing. When I’ve completed the clearing session, I never fill each chakra with a rainbow color. I fill the lower chakras with Earth energy (bright, vibrant green), and the upper chakras with Cosmic energy (bright, sparkling gold).

The colors help you find and access each chakra, because you’re using the vibration of red, orange, yellow etc., to resonate your awareness with the chakra. When you meditate on the color red, you’ll find the first chakra, which will have a combination of multiple colors. It won’t be red! When you meditate on the color green, you’ll find the heart chakra, which will have a multitude of colors. It won’t be green.

You can access your chakras using Seed Sounds and Vowel Sounds

So while it’s disappointing that we’re not made of rainbows, let me offer you the seed and vowel sounds for the chakras. Another way of accessing a chakra is through sound, vibration.  Red is a color, and a vibrational frequency.  A seed sound is a vibration and is another way of accessing a chakra in all its colorful glory.

The chakras resonate through sound, and the decision you need to make is whether you want to run your chakras in resonance with the Eastern chakras, or you want to resonate with the Western chakras.  Since I’m a member of Western society, I resonate with the Western chakras most of the time.  So in most of my meditations, I use the vowel sounds.

The implications of how you resonate (East vs West) can be experienced in many different ways – sensitivity, health and well-being, sense of connection.

Seed or vowel sounds for both the Eastern and Western chakras

Chakra                   Western (pronunciation) Eastern [Aloud] (intoned)
First Ohh (road) [Lang], (Lam)
Second Oooo (rule) [Vang], (Vam)
Third Ahh (father) [Rang], (Ram)
Fourth Ayy (play) [Yang], (Yam)
Fifth Eeee (sleep) [Hang], (Ham)
Sixth Mmm [Aum], (Om)
Seventh Nngg (sing) Visgara – a breathing sound pronounced in Sanskrit

Sources:  Western Chakras – Anodea Judith, Eastern Body, Western Mind. Celestial Arts, Berkeley,CA, 2004. Eastern Chakras – Harish Johari, Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation. Destiny Books, Rochester, NY, 2000.

It may be useful to learn to use both the Western vowel sounds and the Eastern seed sounds.  The seed sounds can be quite powerful when silently intoned in meditation. The Western vowel sounds are quite powerful for being present and aligned in our busy lives.

In summary, your first chakra isn’t red, and nothing is wrong with you!  Or me.  Or them.


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