Clearing Cords

When you’re connected to another person, their energy can energize or deplete you. Practice clearing cords to free up your own energy.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that some people energize you. The very thought of them makes you smile. You’ve also probably experienced people who wipe you out. The thought of these people can leave you feeling tired and drained.

You may not realize that ‘the thought of them’ generates a cord of energy between you and them. People can create cords to others through thought alone. And, of course, face-to-face and ‘wired’  interactions create cords, too. Bottom line: if you’re connected in any way, shape or form to another human being… you’ve got cords!

So what’s a cord?

A cord is a two-way energy connection, ever-replenishing, from self to other (or other to self). Metaphorically, once you have a cord, you’re plugged in to that person’s energy, and they’re plugged into yours until the energy is unplugged. Cords bog down your chakras, muddy your space, cloud personal clarity, and can hold your relationships in a less-than-authentic light.

Cords attach to chakras. And cords are not that picky. It’s not like the energizing cords only go to the heart chakra to fill you up, and the depleting ones only go to the feet chakras to be released to the Earth. Cords can connect to more than one chakra, creating a daisy chain of amperage or depletion.

Cathy the Therapist

Cathy is a therapist who was feeling burned out in her client practice. Over the years, she’s supported a lot of patients as they navigated their emotions and worked to find self-awareness and inner peace. Because she felt depleted, her practice was dwindling, and she began to wonder if she needed a career change.

As a therapist, Cathy’s work is about holding. Therapists hold stories, progress, setbacks and compassion for their patients. Cathy felt tied up in knots, exhausted and depleted by her clients, but interestingly, she felt this way as well in her personal life. She wasn’t up to seeing her friends, she felt ‘pulled on’ in most of her relationships.

Cathy’s energetic problem could be resolved by Clearing Cords. When Cathy began a regular practice of clearing cords, she got her groove back. She returned the energy of others to their rightful owners while reclaiming her energy from them.

The Practice – How to Start Clearing Cords

clearing cords from chakrasImagine that you can access each chakra and with a gentle, soft pair of hands, release cords with others — those you know and name, and those who you’ve encountered and forgotten. Be sure to run some gorgeous green or gold energy into your chakras when you’re done clearing cords so you don’t leave a void. Remember, nature abhors a vacuum!

By clearing cords you’ll free up your chakras so that they resonate with people you encounter through present-moment awareness. Imagine meeting a friend, colleague, family member without the energetic baggage of previous interactions!

Cathy invested about 10-15 minutes a day in this act of self-care. She cleared cords with each patient at the end of her practice day. She cleared cords with her family, friends, children, the dry cleaner, in fact – she learned to clear cords with the Universe of Sentient Beings Throughout Time & Space.

And in two weeks – TWO WEEKS! – she noticed that her bounce was coming back. Suddenly her energizing clients didn’t amp her up, and her depleting clients didn’t bog her down. She felt present, engaged, compassionate and unburdened… She felt like herself! Her vibrancy returned, her energy for her friends, her practice and her life rebounded.

Clearing cords is simple and powerful. Your chakras will thank you. Your relationships will evolve. And you’ll feel freer and unburdened. Give it a try and then notice how your interactions gradually shift and evolve for the better. And keep me posted! I’ll be thrilled to celebrate with you.

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  1. Yup! Cord clearing along with grounding are a daily practice I’ve come to love! And I notice the difference when I don’t do it.

    • I totally agree, Michael. I always feel better when I clear cords. And grounding! Can’t imagine life without it – although I spent years in an ungrounded state. It’s good to be home!


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