The Mind-Body-Energy Connection

how unresolved emotional pain impacts physical health

Are you seeking the next step in your personal evolution?

  • Do you have an interest in understanding more about how emotions that remain unresolved can impact your health?
  • Are there emotions that you resist feeling and processing? When they come up and you avoid them, where do you suppose they go?
  • Have you ever noticed that specific places in your physical body react to emotions that you find difficult? Or emotions that you feel frequently? For example, guilt in your gut, or anxiety in your stomach.
  • Do you have physical issues that you suspect may be tied in some way to your emotions?

Evolve your energy.

Ellen Donaldson EHI’s Operations Manager and the owner of her Melrose, MA based client practice, Starleaf Wellness, and I have partnered together to explore and enliven your understanding of a very important connection — Mind/Body/Energy. The words mind-body can be found everywhere online, sometimes referred to with yoga, tai chi and other movement forms. It’s also referred to in medical and alternative healing circles. Sadly, in many cases, it’s mostly jargon – a shortcut to defining the sometimes elusive way that our emotions, and our energy impact our physical body. Learning how to work with your emotions and your energy as you support your physical body and its healing is excellent medicine – of the holistic kind!

In this self-paced course, we’ll help you connect the dots to the mind-body-energy puzzle, and we’ll talk about how to relieve your body of the heavy lifting it does when your emotions are avoided, repressed or suppressed.

What’s up with the Mind-Body-Energy connection?

I think my most favorite example of the mind/body/energy connection has to do with something every single one of us has experienced.

Have you ever had to give an oral presentation, speak at a conference or workshop, or perform on a stage? What’s the sensation you felt in your body as you contemplated standing up and speaking or singing and dancing on the stage? Did you feel short of breath? Did your palms sweat? Did you feel a little woozy and faint? How about butterflies in your stomach?

Why did that happen? Why did your body do that? Because you were nervous or anxious or revved up emotionally, and you worked to stay calm, clear and level-headed. How did you do that? By driving the nervous, anxious energy down into your body! It received your emotion (energy) and generated the reactions – sweaty palms, butterfly belly!

That’s not a terrible thing – it helps you take the stage and deliver your message, or dance your routine or sing your song!

Over the long haul, emotions you don’t want to feel can exacerbate physical illness, and can make healing more difficult.

Who should take this Mind-Body-Energy workshop?

Anyone who has emotions they don’t like to feel or express

Those who are healing from an acute or chronic illness – and may or may not be a little stuck

Students of energy

People who want to wrap their heads around how all of the energy bodies work together to support wellness and prevent illness

The Mind-Body-Energy Workshop Includes:

Teaching Video

to ground into the mind-body-energy connection and how it impacts your ability to heal and thrive

Guided Meditations

to practice and integrate tools for energy regulation and mind-body awareness

Supporting Documentation

illustrated guides and examples for the skills you’ll learn

Suggested Prerequisite: The Present of Presence

Completing The Present of Presence along with the Mind-Body-Energy self-paced course will provide you with the anchoring tools to deepen your shifts and accelerate your evolution.


Tuition for this course is $149.

Ready to align your mind, body and energy?

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