How Chakras Can Hold (and Clear) Physical Pain

Your Energy Creates Your Life

You know this, right? Well, true, it’s not just your energy that creates your life. It’s your attention, (thoughts and beliefs) and your intention, (conscious or unconscious) combined with your energy — your chakras and aura — that creates your life.

Your body’s the vehicle for experiencing your life. Your thoughts and emotions manifest through your body. Yet in energy terms, your thoughts and emotions are created and reside in separate bodies or planes of awareness. At least, your emotions are  supposed to reside elsewhere.

Your physical body can become the storehouse for ignored, unacknowledged and suppressed emotional energy. It’s called somatization.

The Body is an Integrated System

We all know that the mind-body connection is real. The emotion-body connection is, too.

If you’re not allowing certain feelings, such as anger, anxiety or grief, and also not applying energy self-care to clear and release emotions, you conceivably suppress what you don’t allow. These suppressed emotions have nowhere to go but down. Into the energy system for your physical body.

And there they sit and fester.

Where in your body do these somatized emotions go, you might ask?

You actually know.

Because your body tells you.

The Body is a Storyteller

Got chronic pain?

Digestive issues?

Does your throat or your head suffer most when you get a cold?

That’s the story your body is telling you. It’s letting you know where you’ve suppressed emotional energy and how it’s impacting your inner workings.

The Chakras Distribute Energy

Your chakras are hard working energy centers, distributing energy to all of your organs, glands, systems. There’s a fabulous, complex system for delivering energy that works most effectively when unencumbered by blockages.

Ever seen a turbine operate? If a bunch of rags were stuck into some of the blades of the turbine, that would certainly impact performance.

Your chakras function like turbines, too. They work in two ways – sourcing energy into the chakra, and releasing energy out of the chakra. Inflow and outflow.

Stuff a bunch of suppressed emotional energy into a chakra that feeds energy to your physical body and it’ll gum up the works, too. And over time, less vital energy flows in to the chakra, and less spent energy flows out.

And therein lies the rub. Or the illness, dis-ease, stagnation.

The Body is Self-healing

Want to know which Chakras are correlated to which parts of the body? You can match the Chakra to the organs that are within proximity of the Chakra as follows:

Chakras & Organs


It’ll give you insight to what chakras may need support (clearing, infusing) for your optimal well being.

You may have some clearing work to do to evolve beyond patterns, behaviors and emotions that bog you down. You may have to face some stuff — let’s be honest, if you’re suppressing emotion, it’s because you’re scared to face it down and move it through.

Learning how to Clear Emotional Energy — a skill you can learn in the self-paced course, Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-care — is powerful and evolutionary work. It puts you in the driver seat of your emotions.

Keep your physical body well and strong. Own your emotions, clear emotional energy let your body thrive — and if needed, heal. Reverse what is setting up as an illness, dis-ease or stagnation. I see it happen all the time. And so do students in EHI’s programs for practitioners.

There’s nothing better than a well be-ing. You can do this. Take up the work of evolving your energy body and know that your physical body will absolutely reap the benefits.

What parts of your body are hurting? Using the chart above, which chakra(s) needs your attention?

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4 thoughts on “How Chakras Can Hold (and Clear) Physical Pain”

  1. Hiya I’m having pains near my bladder area and I have been feeling like this ever since I’ve been angry. I’ve been doing a lot of meditation but yesterday a situation crept up and I couldn’t contain myself I lost focus on how to deal with anger and I think it’s blocked near my bladder or near the area where i get my periods. What chakra is blocked would you know?

    • Hi Sneha, When you look at the chart that’s included in the How Chakras Can Hold (and Clear) Physical Pain blog post that generated your question, you’ll see that the bladder (and the ovaries and uterus) are connected to the second chakra. The second chakra is the seat of the emotions. When you’re holding anger and not clearing and releasing it, your physical body can end up housing the emotional energy. Pain is often one of the results, illness can be a deeper, more serious concern, especially if anger (or other emotion) remains unaddressed. Learning to clear your chakras and aura is a very important set of skills that supports healing, evolution, growth and authentic living.

  2. Question: I am hoping you can help me understand something that recently occured – I did my first chakra balancing with stones, small tumbled stones. I held the stones and recited my intention to balance my chakras 11 times. Then placed the stones on the chakras – Garnet stone (root chakra), Carnelian stone (sacral), Citrine stone (solar plexus), Aventurine stone (heart), Angelite stone (throat), Amethyst stone (3rd eye) and 1 Clear Quartz stone (crown). I meditated with that for 11 minutes, then gently removed the stones and went to sleep for the night. I did notice a strong vibration at the third eye. In the morning I had a noticeable bruise at my third eye that lasted for four days before it subsided. Do you have any ideas what this could mean? Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated.

    Julia B

    • Hi Julia, I don’t do a lot of work with stones and crystals, though I know they’re very powerful. The third eye is an Etheric chakra, meaning it’s tied to the energy system for your physical body, not the energy system for your emotional body, the Astral body. It’s possible that the amethyst would have been better situated on your 6th Astral chakra, located in the center of your head. It may have been too much energy for the 3rd eye to navigate.

      I’d be happy to email you the contact information for someone I know who is deeply knowledgeable about crystals and gemstones. My email is jill@energyhealinginstitute[dot]org


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