In the Dark in Taos – Part 2

The Road to Taos

I drove 12 hours from the mountaintop hotel in Utah to Taos. The drive was gorgeous – through Zion National Park, across Utah, Arizona – with a smidge of Colorado mixed in – into New Mexico.

A sleepless night preceded the long drive, yet somehow, I felt alert, awake and fully cogent. photo 3 copy

I was pressed for time. I had an Online Course to teach at 6pm. On the road at 6am; my GPS indicating a 12.5 hour drive ahead.

I drive faster than the speed of GPS (not sound!), I knew I could beat the clock, but there wasn’t much wiggle room for lengthy rest stops, pee breaks and meals.

I drove and drove, gawking at the scenery, running laps around the car with Oliver at rest stops, taking pictures on the move or at gas stations.

Dark House as Metaphor

And I made it to Taos. With 10 minutes to spare before my class.

An old adobe, my house was dark, with low ceilings and small windows. I flipped on light switches, nothing. I logged on to the internet with my trusty wifi anywhere, prepared to teach. In the dark.

It seemed odd that a house this old had one of those fancy master light switches. But no worries. I can deal.

View from my front porch at the little dark, hacienda
View from my front porch at the little dark, hacienda

Until 10 minutes in, when I lost my internet connection. And couldn’t log back on. In the dark. People online, waiting. Ugh.

In about 3 minutes lights came on throughout the house. We’d had a power failure!

I logged on to my class, discovering the group chatting online merrily, speculating on my whereabouts.

Later, I unpacked and settled in, blending with the darkness of the house. I felt held by the quiet, dark space.

The next day, my first full day in Taos, I felt hurried. Like it was almost time to be back on the road. The timeless Taos energy was drawing me into its vortex. I wanted and needed to stay.

Oliver seemed happy with a house and yard. He enjoyed his increased independence – alone in the fenced yard.  He was a different little being. Note to self: Will you move from your condo for your dogs joy?

Evolving Moment #4 – Each of us deserves to be happy and live how we want to live.

As my five days in the little hacienda ended, I made plans to stay on in Taos. I swiftly cobbled together a 48-hour return to Portland for business, Cirque de Soleil and more raw dog food. A friend agreed to keep Oliver during my absence. I rented a different house for my return.

Evolving Moment #5 – There’s always an answer. Live in the questions. The answers emerge.

Returning from Portland, I drove to Abiquiu where my friend awaited with Oliver. I was looking forward to seeing them.

Oliver was different. He was happy to see me in his typical detached way. And he’d picked up some training that he hadn’t successfully learned with me. In 48 hours. I’d spent 5 months on the very same skills. Hmmmm…

Evolving Moment #6 – Oliver chooses to ignore my rules. The tension between us is real. My perceptions are accurate.

As disappointing and strange as this was, I knew I had left the darkness and entered the light.

Oliver is clear and I'm getting there
Oliver is clear and I’m getting there

Evolving Moment #7 – The truth on the table is better than a well-hidden lie.

Do you see how these evolving moments inform awareness? Day by day, moment by moment, becoming clear, real, and in the truth of what is so.

Sometimes insights are blinding, glaring, flashing beacons! And sometimes they whisper through the dark, stillness of the ancient, timeless being.

The moment emerges, the emotions respond – sometimes relief, other times sadness and grief. Yet the truth opens and heals.

Yes, still more to come.

Keep your vital energy flowing!





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  1. Christy, I’m so glad this was helpful. I’m finding myself resting more and more comfortably with my ability to let go, wait and observe. The answers come – why sweat the mustard?

  2. I’m enjoying following both your inner and outer journeys, Jill! This part of your post jumped out at me: “Evolving Moment #5 – There’s always an answer. Live in the questions. The answers emerge.” Love it! Just what I needed to read today…


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