Healing from Chronic Illness

Healing from Chronic Illness

Four Anchoring Practices to Support a Return to Health I spend a lot of time with clients healing from the multi-layered, highly complex symptoms of Lyme disease and its myriad co-infections, one of many chronic illnesses I address in my practice.  There are healing practices that focus exclusively on magnets, usually with mixed results. Some … Read more

Bodacious Belief Systems

A Brief Belief Systems Primer

Belief systems drive every minute of your experience. Do you believe that? It’s actually true. I created this video to help people get ready to do some major shifting in their life and experience. How? By learning how to evolve their beliefs! No matter where the beliefs you carry came from – your family, religious … Read more

Seven Keys for Consciously Manifesting

Got Keys for Consciously Manifesting?

When you learn to apply seven keys for consciously manifesting, you become a powerful, conscious creator! The keys are: Intention, alignment, clarity, observation, right action, focus & your beliefs.

Honoring Solstice

Solstice Honoring

The turn of the seasons are thought of as pagan, and of course, they are. Yet, they are also a powerful and deeply spiritual honoring of the light that shines within us, as well as the darkness that enshrouds us. Both are fertile, both are necessary. What is your Winter Solstice ritual? I’m honored to share mine.