Until You Go In, You Can’t Find Out

You can’t see an energy healer in the attempt to avoid meeting your issues and owning your stuff.  We’re not therapy substitutes.  The title of this post is the invitation to people to go in and do the work so you can find out.  Literally and figuratively.

Any energy healer worth his or her salt (or pepper) will find a nice, tactful way of inviting his or her client to engage with a therapist to work through and identify the themes that are behind the blockages in the flow of the client’s life.  If the client’s in relation to his stuff, has done that work, an energy healer is a fabulous resource for resolving and releasing the patterns and blockages that the client has identified.

If the client hasn’t done that work, the energy healer is flying blind.  And he or she won’t be able to use sleight of hand to dissipate karma, agreements, programming or other complex patterns that have the client bogged down and stuck.

This may seem patently obvious, and yet it’s interesting to note the number of clients I’ve worked with over the years who are trying to whisk away their issues with the wave of my energy healing hand.  No can do, people.

Here’s why.

Now, don’t laugh, but I’m basically a high paid trash collector.  I tell my clients and students at EHI this story all the time.  It illustrates my point beautifully.

Say you’re at your house and you know the next day is trash day.  You go through your house, collecting your trash cans – the office is full of paper, the bathroom has assorted trash, the trash can in the bedroom has tissues, half a pair of socks that you’ve given up on matching to its missing partner, a magazine you’ve finished reading.  We won’t even discuss the kitchen trash – ewwwwww.

All this paraphernalia winds up in the trash barrel at the curbside, (or the trash chute, or dumpster behind your building – whatever!).

The next day, the big truck rolls around (this is where the energy healer comes in).  We roll up with our big trucks and take it all away, right?   We don’t open each bag and make sure everything that’s in the bag is supposed to be in the bag.  That’s not our job.  We just take it away.

Now, here’s the problem with the person who wants the energy healer to whisk away their issues with a flick of the wrist and a pulsing palm.  We’re high paid trash collectors.  We collect the curb-side trash and take it away.

You’re the one who has to decide what stays and what goes.  You’re the one who drags the can to the curb.  And if you don’t open your drawers, and you don’t sort through your stuff, you don’t throw anything away.

So when people come in to my office with resistance about working through their stuff – because of shame, fear, the mistaken impression that the past is behind them and no longer relevant – they will often say to me, can’t you just make it all go away?

People,  I’m  good, but I’m not God.  And you don’t want me to be.  Trust me.

Because I may not be the best judge of your pearls.  Or your swine.  I have my own view of right and wrong, effective and ineffective, tolerable and intolerable, stuck and unstuck.  But it may not be your view!  Your favorite ratty old sweatshirt looks like trash to me.  But it may be the only thing that feels right on your body on a cold, rainy summer day when you have the sniffles.

And coming to an energy healer to release your unprocessed issues is akin to asking the trash man what to throw away.  You’re the only one who knows what’s stored away in your secret drawers and hiding places.  You’re the only one who knows the difference between a ratty sweatshirt and your comfort clothes.  And until you see the sweatshirt from an internal and external perspective, you won’t know whether it’s trash or treasure.

So man up.  Meet. Greet. Complete. Repeat.

And kick your trash cans to the curb.  Your friendly neighborhood energy healer will be happy to take your trash away.

Keep your vital energy flowing.

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2 thoughts on “Until You Go In, You Can’t Find Out”

  1. So what you’re saying is that just mopping the water off the floor while pretending the sink isn’t leaking isn’t the best solution for folks? 😉

    • It’s possible that mopping the water off the floor will keep one busy for some period of time, but it’s unlikely to fix the broken faucet. So I guess it’s all about perspective. If one simply needs to keep busy, the mop will serve as an endless foil. If the goal is to fix the leak, the internal plumbing will definitely need attention! Great comment, Michael.


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