Free Courses and Videos

Free Courses & Videos

Are you following the inner call to learn about energy work? I acknowledge you for heeding the call and reaching this page; I want to reward your curiosity. I am a long-time believer in the power of energy healing. Integrated into your personal and professional work, it can result in incredible healing, both for you and for our world. I hope you find these courses, videos and e-books to be of great value and that you will register for the free courses that I offer. Welcome to the Energy Healing Institute.


Free Course

A 1-hour, online introduction to energy, including training for two energy skills that offer you more clarity, presence and peace of mind.

Free E-books

The Chakra Sanities: A Four-Part E-book Series

We all have patterns that dictate our behavior, emotions and reactions. For some it shows up as emotional overwhelm, sensitivity or caretaking. Others experience emotional disconnect, lack of emotional awareness, frequent illness and body pain.

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DeFrazzle Yourself


DeSensitize Yourself


Heal Your Pain Body

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ReConnect Yourself


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