The Mystical Healing Crisis

A Conscious Conversations Post from Chakra Khan

As Spring begins to contemplate unleashing itself from the coils and cold of Winter, an interesting and somewhat predictable pattern is emerging in my private practice.  People are finding themselves in some sort of healing crisis.

It seems to happen quite a bit in the slower, drowsier, more sedentary and contemplative months of late fall and winter.  I only have experiential evidence of this idea, yet I can sense a certain logic and ‘of course-ness’ as I think about it.

Healing crisis is a term that is frequently bandied about in therapeutic and alternative healing circles.

To create clarity of definition for the purposes of this post and your contemplation, healing crisis includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual/energetic components. 

The body erupts, the mind is stimulated and honed in on the multi-faceted crisis, the emotions are huge and ongoing and the spiritual/energetic components run the gamut from a complete upheaval of life as known to sacred profundity and moments of absolute grace.


That’s the healing crisis that I’m observing and supporting with multiple good people in my private practice.

How much compassion can you have as you contemplate what it must be like to be in this place?  If it has never happened to you, it may be difficult to fully perceive and comprehend the enormity and magnitude of the experience.

How much compassion can you have as you contemplate yourself in that place?  Because some of you are.  I know.  I wrote this post for you.

I have so much compassion for you, because healing crises rock the foundations, strip away pretense, lay bare the heart and wrack the body.  They are navigable moment-by-moment, with the proper equipment – a spiritual practice, nurturing foods, emotional and physical support (hopefully professional as well as family, friends).

But it’s impossible to look too far ahead, to make many concrete plans.

At times it all focuses on one aspect of the crisis – the body’s acute symptoms, or the overarching emotional pain, grief, anger.  Other times it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees – everything is up in arms, clamoring for attention, easing, release.

The energetics of a healing crisis are fascinating, diverse and a clear indicator of the crisis’ current state.  It’s powerful work to support an individual during one of these experiences.  In most cases, a multi-layered, carefully facilitated approach yields beautiful results.  Especially when the patient is empowered to see the experience for what it is – a healing crisis.

If this is the case, the nuances become as significant and revelatory as the upside the head TKO’s that come along.  The patient becomes sleuth, observer, deep processing participant, dot connector, pattern transcender and shaman as s/he works toward the return to the light.

Energy healing relieves symptoms, facilitates emotional and physical release, increases mental clarity and invites the patient to inhabit his or her calm, knowing center.  To find the way through the maze and into the evolving field.

Much of the time a healing crisis is acute and has a relatively short duration before the symptoms, emotions, mental tension and spiritual/energetic discord ease.  The experience is transformative, mystical, shrouded in the unbelievable nature of this type of alchemical magic.

They make great stories, these experiences – dramatic, mystifying, staccato-paced, severe.  Shortened to the archetypal, they’re excellent parables.

During the acutest and most painful (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) moments of the crisis, it’s hard to find the rational place to acknowledge that the experience underway is a calling from the self to the self.  Yet it is largely self-generated (we are the creator, we are the creation).

Thankfully, a healing crisis is always an internal eruption that devolves multiple layers and levels of materials before evolving a new, more wholly authentic life.

Have courage, dear ones, knowing that relief emerges, that evolution is afoot, that the self is a gracious, graced participant.

Have faith, dear ones, this too shall pass.  It is a burdensome load that is eventually put down, cast away, shed, discarded.

Have humor, dear ones.  Even in the ugliest of the uglies, there are glimmers of light, tragic comedy, black humor, raucous, rollicking hilarities.  It’s in there somewhere when you remember to look.

Have heart, dear ones.  You are so strong, so powerful and so fierce that this storm that rages cannot match or vanquish your light.  It shines now and will shine anew.  Brighter, clearer and stronger than before.

Have help, dear ones.  Going it alone is not a requirement or a virtue.  Have help, dear ones.  You deserve it.

And when you’re burnished from the heat of the consuming fire of the crisis, and your life blooms once again, tell your story to those who are able to hear.  If you’d like.  Or hold it to your heart as the glorious gem that it has become.

Finding yourself in the parable, the nuggets of insight and expanded awareness, you are the hero or heroine of the healing crisis.  And you live happily ever after…until next time?!?

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  1. Thank you for such a beautifully articulate description of what I like to call, “Meditate, Cry, Repeat”, haha. Seriously, this post touched my heart and I am so grateful to you for writing this. Further, your description of what arises post-crisis is very comforting. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Stacy, – love it – Meditate, Cry, Repeat. Wow! That’s quite a process. I’m so glad that this post touched you and gave you some context for the journey that most of us find ourselves on at least once in our lives. Big hugs to you!

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