Ideas and Actualization

C.P., this post is dedicated to you and your ideas.

C.P. brought such an interesting topic to his latest session with Chakra Khan.  He wanted to know how to galvanize his energy to manifest all of the amazing and great ideas he generates.  His days are filled with activities and tasks, like all of us.  And in the course of being himself, navigating his days, many fantastic and stimulating ideas come to mind.

The problem C.P. has?  Bringing the ideas to fruition.

Now this sounds like a manifestation issue, right?  Ideas to form is all about manifestation.  And that’s true.

But as we looked at the energy and discussed the issue in further detail, we realized we were talking about something else entirely.  Because you see, C.P. is a manifester.  He actualizes all the time.  He’s not lolling about wishing that something, anything that he thought of would materialize in form.  He’s got lots of examples of things that he has thought of, followed through to completion and released into the world.

He was pining for that which did not manifest, the ideas that emerged, implanted, grew (a bit) and then vanished on the winds.

This is a whole nother thing, folks.  And I knew just where to go to help C.P. understand more about this fascinating topic.

C.P., CK and many others are ideapreneurs.  Many years ago when CK’s life revolved around the vagaries of corporate America, she read a book or attended a speech where a very successful (forgotten by CK) entrepreneur said that he thought up and discarded hundreds of ideas each day before breakfast!  A gross exaggeration, to be sure, but the point resonated.  CK’s lived her life with gajillions of ideas that came and went without anchoring and manifesting.

This is conceivably true for you, too. Welcome to the world of ideapreneurialism.

Are you curious about this, too?  I mean, where do all of these unmanifest ideas go?  What happens to them?

As CK shared the germ of this post idea with a colleague, she got excited and remarked that so many creative endeavors often come in threes.  She referenced 3 recent movies about Lincoln as an example.  All released within weeks or months of one another.

The comment that prefaced her remark was that these ideas exist in the ethers, and they are always available for manifestation by someone else – even if the ideapreneur who generated the vision chooses not to bring it to fruition.

This concept takes us into so many different directions that this post could easily reach 20,000 words and look more like a book!  To keep it clean, CK is going to share some material that she studied in her early forays into consciousness studies.

Enter Jane Roberts and the Seth material.  To quote the Seth Learning Center website.

Seth is the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who spoke through the author Jane Roberts while she was in trance, and coined the phrase “You Create Your Own Reality.” Seth’s empowering message literally launched the New Age movement.

If you check out the site, you’ll see many famous spiritual teachers – Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Dan Millman – who were informed, inspired and deeply influenced by the collaboration between Seth & Jane Roberts.



One of the mind-blowing moments in CK’s exploration came from reading Seth’s teachings about thought as the basis of reality.  And specifically, thought in relation to manifest ideas.

CK offers this quote to all of the ideapreneurs who wonder what takes place in the Cosmos with his or her ideas that are not actualized, manifested or implemented.

Because of your psychological and psychic structure, there is within the rich makeup of your being a literally endless variety of what you may call probable selves.  In one reality or another these will all be experienced.  In your present existence however you will utilize only those psychological characteristics that you believe you possess….

The physical constitution of the body follows your beliefs, and so all of its sense data will faithfully mirror the beliefs that direct its activity. Source: Roberts, Jane.  The Nature of Personal Reality – Specific Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know. San Rafael, CA: Amber-Allen, 1994.

And in Seth Speaks, Roberts channels:

All actions are initially mental acts.  This is the nature of reality.  All mental acts therefore are valid.  They exist and cannot be negated.

….If you wanted to be a doctor and are now in a different profession, then in some other probable reality you are a doctor.  If you have abilities that you are not using here, they are being used elsewhere…. The tapestry of your own existence is simply such that the three-dimensional intellect cannot behold it.  These probable selves, however, are a portion of your identity or soul, and if you are out of contact with them it is only because you focus upon physical events and accept them as the criteria for reality.

From any given point of your existence, however, you can glimpse other probable realities, and sense the reverberations of probable actions beneath those physical decisions you make. Source: Roberts, Jane.  Seth Speaks – The Eternal Validity of the Soul. San Rafael, CA: Amber-Allen, 1994.

This quote is shared with every participant who attends classes at EHI.  It’s part of the invitation offered to each participant to deeply explore consciousness in his or her quest to evolve, shape and expand his or her therapeutic/healing practice.

Perhaps the concepts shared here will spark your interest in delving deeply into the exploration of consciousness, reality and energy.

C.P. take heart, you are one of the many whose ideas create worlds.  Just know that in some instances, actualization and manifestation exist beyond the scope of your visual and physical lens.

If you know an ideapreneur who suffers because many of the concepts generated in his or her thought do not bear fruit, please share this post.

And whether or not these ideas spark you, keep your vital energy flowing!

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