I’m Working So Hard My Chakras Are Sweating! (or, thoughts about having a regular clearing practice)

Is energy clearing a ‘one and done’?

Is it true?  Does the good life, the good stuff, the things we want and desire only come through hard, hard work? One of my clients, a delightful woman named Lucy (not her real name), recently told me that she was working so hard her chakras were sweating! (Lucy was referring to her consistent energy clearing practice and her intention to evolve the trajectory of her life and experiences.)

She’s put in her time clearing energy, let me tell you. And she’s noticing that her life is changing, bit by bit and piece by piece.  She’s manifested abundantly in some areas, gained insights that pave the way to manifesting her intent in other areas. She’s living and leaning into the changes she’s intending and seeking.

Do her chakras sweat?  Maybe, but she’s in the zone, man.  She’s got the clearer’s high, so what does she care about a little excess moisture and perhaps a teensy odeur?  (really, most people don’t smell energy, although those who do smell some pretty wild stuff!  The ability is called clairolfactory.)

Unlike the runner’s high which is endorphin-based, the clearer’s high is embodiment-based. While both highs are buoyant, powerful experiences, the clearer’s high results from releasing energy that is blocked, obstructed or inauthentic. It’s got a ‘move the needle’ effect that’s worth the sweat.

A metaphor – the compass needle

I used to do a lot of sailing in my late 20’s. We’d sail by compass and chart, GPS was yet to be invented. In fog or the dark of night, a couple of degrees off course could mean sailing out of our way to reach our evening anchorage. And it didn’t take a lot of effort to go off course, it was a by-product of putting our attention on something other than the compass and its heading. Staying on course, aligned with our intended destination was where the effort came in.

But people, think about it. Move that needle – the trajectory of your life – a couple of degrees and you’re headed elsewhere. Period. The end.

Regular energy clearing is the key

If you’re not where you want to be, 10-20 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week may help you land elsewhere. If you know what you’d like to be doing, or how you’d like to be behaving, or the experiences you’d like to be having, you can set an intention for that, and put your attention on clearing what stands in the way.

Energy clearing is not a one and done, it’s a clear, coherent route to your body and its held emotions, your mind and its held beliefs, and your spirit and its ability to hold you.  And as you clear and release obstructions, limiting beliefs, excessive emotion, your storyline evolves and you’ll create and open to new possibilities, opportunities and growing edges.

I know, I know. I’m advocating sitting. Slowing down. Breathing. Being. Tuning in. Noticing. Observing. Sensing. Releasing. Shifting. Evolving. Assimilating. Intention. Attention. Actualizing.

And yes, you may well find yourself sweating as you release old beliefs, other people’s stuff, limitations, negative self-talk, trauma, physical and emotional pain, the junk we carry in our energetic trunk. But like an endorphin-stimulating workout, chakra sweat is generally the relief felt when you’re letting go, breaking through. So have at it – have a practice, be serious about treating it playfully, lightly and with expectancy.

If it’s tough getting going, or the going gets tough, keep going.  Fake it ’til you make it.

Gotta hit the showers – great workout!  High fives all around.


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