Immunity Thinking in the Age of Corona

Finding Immunity in a Sea of Infection

Here we are, a people exposed. To a virus whose roots lie, not in China, but in the realm of Corona — a mysterious off planet colony with an inter-dimensional portal that experienced an unholy breach. The breach allowed a novel virus to slip through undetected, to spring up in pockets and people all over the globe. Innocents, really. Unsuspecting, perhaps ignorant, perhaps arrogant. No one needs or has actively called this virus to themselves, yet it arrived. It’s here, and we’re in the grips of a global insanity.

We are infected.

The virus is both the least and the most of the infection. What is also infected is our thinking.

Fear, anger, suspicion, paranoia, reactivity, impatience, hostility, hatred, terror. We are infected with the need to usurp personal boundaries and privacy, to know someone else’s medical story — does he or she have it? Will I get it from her? What did he touch? Who did she interact with? Who’s next?

We are infected with the need to blame, shame and criticize, to judge without full awareness of one another’s story. It’s easy to go there, we’ve seen some choices made that defy common sense, reason, conscious awareness.

We are infected by the need to feed incessantly on information and of course, misinformation, shared indiscriminately, without fact-checking. We swim in the terror of a people exposed to a dearth of essential leadership, gasping for knowledge, truth and a breath of safety.

This is us.

Immunity Exists

And yet, hilarity bubbles through. Brilliant people find ways to play with the tragedy, to poke fun at the drama. Dogs tell us how desperately they want their people to go back to work. Memes on toilet paper hoarding abound. I saw a 5-minute clip of M*A*S*H episodes this morning that made me laugh out loud. We see obstacle courses set up for home-schooled children, for physical fitness and entertainment. All shared freely, bringing light, levity and humor to a deeply toxic time. This levity evokes immunity, collaboration, stepping outside of ourselves to see others in their shared humanity.

Grace and compassion emerge. Stories of generous acts, large and small. The usually unseen heroics of grocery clerks, delivery personnel, medical teams. Of ordinary people, making space for their neighbors, offering comfort from a distance as physical boundaries are held.

Connection becomes paramount. We meet online, we eat dinner outside in front of our houses so we can see our neighbors and check in. Photographers entice neighbors to come outside so they can photograph families posing graciously, or snap candids of people prancing about in costumes and silly outfits. We sing from our balconies, bang pots and pans in gratitude, waving at one another from our houses and high rises. We find one another, and we check-in. We need to know How Others Are Doing and Feeling.

Emotions are ‘in’ again. We have space for one another’s feelings. We’ve found that being present includes vulnerability, hope, despair, pain, loss and love, so much love. Tears are held as sacred water, and grief shared enters our hearts, opening us tenderly to our own and others inner lives.

We have immunity.

When we rise above infected thinking and tumble into immunity thinking, we find common ground, shared humanity, our ability to see and hold one another without judgment, separation or the impulse to be better, bolder, more powerful.

We buoy each other up, invite each other to the grace of the sacred moment of now. Fears dissipate, longing surrenders, and we find a measure of normality, of what we believe and know life can be.

Immunity thinking is an antidote to anything and everything that separates, isolates, toxifies.

It is in coming together that we find our immunity. Not physically, no, not now.

Rather, we come together in the sacredness of the heart, of our oneness, of our need for and longing to be in connection. We breathe together, holding space for what emerges in our collective humanity.

Immunity is unity. I am Unity. We are one.

An Invitation

Join me for a live conversation & practice to clear out infected thinking and boost your immunity (I Am Unity) awareness. I’ll record the meditation that we do together and make it available after the session so that you can download it and repeat it as often as you’d like. It’s free, from my heart, in the spirit of Community, Immunity and Unity.

Date & Time
April 13, 9am pdt/noon edt


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