A Word on Worldviews

The recent Presidential election has upended values, assumptions and beliefs that many hold dear. It’s hard to avoid the firestorm of reaction, despair, anger and fear resulting from the election.

My work does not include the role of political analyst or pundit. Praise be! My work is to teach coherence. To help people understand how to notice and observe the ways in which their thoughts and beliefs, their inner landscape, actualizes in their life experience, in their worldview.

My inbox, voicemail and social media private messages are buzzing, beeping and sounding with calls for context, solace and support.

Know this: I’m here. You’re here. We’re here.

I return over and over again to Joseph Campbell’s words. They’re a mantra for me right now. He said:

“When we talk about settling the world’s problems, we’re barking up the wrong tree. The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess. We are not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.”

Right. Straighten out my life. That’s where coherence comes into play.

Here’s an idea: Write down 5 thoughts you’ve had repeatedly since the election that are shaping and informing your worldview.

Here are five of mine:

We’re well and truly screwed.

Hatred is winning.

The shadow and the veils have been lifted. Now we see what we have denied and hidden. The truth is harsh and ugly.

I want to leave the country.

I’m afraid for so many, including myself.

All of these statements have felt true for me as I stand in my worldview.

When I cultivate my inner landscape, it says otherwise. It says this:

Rise up. Stand for equality, unity, oneness.

Love is stronger than fear.

Truth is revealed. When truth is present, answers emerge. Truth is a catalyst for change.

I belong here. I am here. I am the one I’ve been waiting for.

I stand with love and do my part.

Of course the work is to match my inner landscape with my outer landscape. Generating coherence.

I am clearing a lot of energy. When thoughts tied to fear, anger, despair emerge, I clear them. I’m not avoiding my feelings, I’m processing and releasing them. As I do so, my inner landscape shifts, and I find hope, gratitude and potentiality. I return to coherence.

I am actively mining my beliefs. If I find myself sitting in negativity, I observe the emotions and trace them to my conscious and unconscious beliefs. By observing the impetus for my thoughts, I can actively move the needle on my beliefs.

When I find a belief that I have unconsciously (or consciously chosen) that doesn’t reflect my intentions for my inner landscape, or what I want to see and create in my worldview, I know I have work to do. I return to my intentions for what I choose to create. I observe and monitor what I’m thinking, saying and feeling to coherently align with my intent.

In the outer world, I am doing what I can. I am making donations to causes that I believe are important. I am writing letters, calling, supporting the work and efforts that I believe are based in love, unity, oneness and stewardship for the Earth and all of its sentient beings.

When my inner landscape is coherent, my worldview moves into flow. I am able to see the positive and affirming, I resonate with peace and experience unity, and notice all of the activities in my communities that are grounded in these principles – at home, online and in the world.

Is what you’re feeling inside and experiencing on the outside what you’d like to see?

What steps can you take to cultivate a more harmonious inner landscape?

What actions can you take to actively support the change you’d like to see in the world?

In the comments, tell me one recurring thought that’s been shaping your worldview. And then tell me a new one that becomes true when you cultivate your inner landscape.

photo credit: @cuatrok77

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2 thoughts on “A Word on Worldviews”

  1. So much of what I’ve believed in and supported, such as LGBTQ rights, will be overturned. Stomped on and twisted into increased hateful actions.

    I can use my voice to speak up for such rights and openly embrace all people. I will not stay silent when I hear bigotry.

    • What a difference in the alignment to know that you can speak, give voice to what you believe. I hope the reframing and realigning generated a sense of hope, conscious activism and peace, Cherry. Thanks for commenting!


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