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The Conscious Channeling System

Well, the time has come. We’re about to Engage the Channeling System in preparation for interacting  with our two guides.

Moving into the Channeling System might not take that much effort. Staying in the Channeling system may be a bit more difficult. We’ll get to that. But let’s get into the system first!

Here’s the process. You’ll:

Hunker Down & Lighten up – your first lesson in this module

Set the Space for Channeling – your second lesson in this module

Release Beings, Guides & Entities – your third lesson in this module

And then, you’ll:

  • Release your grounding cord. You’ll let it go completely. You might notice a drifty sensation begin to happen in your body as an aspect of your energy  and conscious awareness begins to migrate upward toward and beyond your crown into the cylinder.
  • Replace the gold energy loop with either silver or white. With this channeling energy running in your field, you can complete the migration to the top of the cylinder, where you’ll park your awareness. The silver or white energy enables Conscious Channeling and should only be used for channeling and no other reason.

Breaking this down into bitesize chunks, here’s a visual representation of Engaging the Channeling System.

Begin by releasing your grounding cord.

Noticing the upward drift of an aspect of your awareness, you’ll replace the gold energy flow with either silver or white. Silver or white are higher vibration frequencies than those used for embodied awareness. You’ll read a bit more about white and silver light in subsequent paragraphs.

With the silver or white flow moving through your field, you’ll be moving upward into the cylinder with relative ease, especially when you get used to the sensations.

The next step in this part of the process is to invite the guide you’d like to interact with. We’ll cover your two primary guides in the next two modules. However, for illustration purposes, I’ve included one more visual reference for you here.

White and Silver Light

Here’s a blog post, The White Light Caper I’d like you to read. It speaks to the issues of using white or silver light for any purpose other than channeling.

If you’re in the habit of using or sending white light to others, please stop. You’ve got the highest embodied frequency already in your toolkit. Gold is what you want to use, and send to others (if asked or invited).

Next steps:

Download the pdf files below to add to your resource library on Conscious Channeling.

Continue to the mp3 meditation to Engage the Channeling System. You’re well on your way to cultivating a conscious relationship with your guides.


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