The White Light Caper

You’re spiritual, you’ve got a practice that you’ve developed over time, combining skills and tools you’ve learned from workshops, your readings, perhaps including well-intentioned teachings from a yoga teacher or Reiki Master or other healing practitioner. Is one of the tools in your toolkit using white light? What do you know about white light and its properties? says:

“White light is the name given to what the human eye sees when all the colors that make up the visible light spectrum are combined. The visible light spectrum is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light. When white light is shined through a prism, it is broken into these separate colors of the visible light spectrum. Most people commonly refer to white light simply as “light.”… Although it is a less common definition of the term, some holistic healers refer to “white light” as a part of the universe that stores all positive energy.”

Energetically, white light is the highest frequency we can engage. In spiritual traditions, white is often a symbol of purity, of God or god-self.  Think angels, doves, the robes worn by initiates in some spiritual traditions. While it’s true that God (or Source) is within, white light is a frequency that is a little higher than the human body can absorb while remaining grounded, centered and embodied.

As a conscious channel, I learned to consciously engage white or silver light as the frequency to match to enable channeling to occur. During channeling, the ‘host’ merges an aspect of consciousness with the entity or energy being channeled. Following the channeling session, the white or silver light is disengaged and replaced with a stream of gold energy – the energy of the Cosmos.

When white or silver light is used as part of the energies used for living life, you know, setting the table, feeding the dogs, going to work, self-care or sent to help or as an aid for others, it’s a frequency that tends to disembody, disengage rather than embody or engage.

Whenever someone sources white or silver light, the grounded self dissipates, and a floaty, wafty sense emerges. Not conducive for getting things done, or remaining present.

Energy Healing Institute attracts channels – it’s a vibration thing! Sometimes channels don’t realize that they’re seeking  grounding, energetic self-care, and other consciousness-related skills. As channels find their embodied awareness, their worlds open to them in new and empowering ways.

To a person, the channels who have learned to use gold light in replacement of white light for their embodied life find themselves more focused, clear, grounded, settled, consistent, stable and productive.

But here’s the kicker, there’s all kinds of spiritual hoo-ha floating around online and in programs, books and videos. Purple swords of truth, yellow flames of justice – all kinds of concepts that may well represent a potentiality – truth and justice really are good things, yes?

Yet unlike what you might find online or in workshops, sending others white light is the antithesis of what you should be doing.  When you send white light to someone struggling with an illness or emotional pain, its high frequency disembodies, disconnects the individual from conscious awareness. That’s probably not what you mean to do. But if it’s an unintended consequence, it doesn’t much matter. The person seeking healing does so when he or she is in her body, embodied, present, self-aware.

If you need to send someone light, (because they’ve requested it, not because you think it’s a good idea or will be helpful), consider the neutral, gold, sparkling, vibrant, light of the Cosmos.  It’s the highest vibration energy any human body can run and remain embodied.

Thank you for stepping out of the white light caper and joining the embodied light brigade.


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6 thoughts on “The White Light Caper”

    • Hi Stephen,

      I do not do energy healings this way. I’m sorry that I’m unable to accommodate your request. I have a waiting list for my client practice, which is quite small as the majority of my time is spent teaching and working with practitioners.

      If you’d like to join my waiting list for paid client sessions, you’re welcome to do so. I generally work with people who are interested in learning to be their own healer, i.e., take up the learning of energy healing skills and practices to support and cultivate their inner relationship to themselves and their energy, and to shift and evolve patterns, behaviors, themes and issues that they’ve outgrown. I also offer a variety of classes, free and paid, videos (free), that help people learn to work with their energy in more cost effective ways than one-on-one sessions with me.

      You can find information about my classes here:

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  1. Jill,

    Thank you for publishing this article. I enjoyed it! I appreciate that you specified that the healer should not assume an individual wants or needs light sent to them and to only send light if they’ve requested it. I also appreciate that you wrote about ‘white light’. I feel it is misused in a lot of different ways in the healing world. My thought is that it is not the ‘fix all’ that it is sometimes depicted to be. I have worked with the gold frequency and agree that it supports the body and groundedness while providing a high frequency of light.

    Thank you again for a great article!

    • Hi Kristie, Thank you so much for your comments. I’m so glad that you’re not a ‘white light’ user, and that you understand how frequently it is perceived as a fix all, and a panacea, perhaps bypass for the actual work of healing and evolving. I looked at your site and am happy to see what you do for your clients in the NH area.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. There are some meditations on you tube that have you stream white light into your chakras or to others for clearing or healing. I knew it was ill informed from previous work with you so I chose to replace the white light with with the colors of green for grounding and golden light from the cosmos. The meditations start very relaxing so it’s kind of misleading because it feels so good. Needless to say I didn’t repeat that exercise and chose to refocus my work with the exercises in your Energy Clearing class.

    • Hi Mark, It’s unfortunate that there are so many misconceptions out there about energy, healing, consciousness and evolution. The concerns I share about white light aren’t mine alone. There are other spiritual teachers who speak to the issue. Discernment is key with anything, as you know. And sometimes it’s hard to discern what’s appropriate and affirming in such a vast sea of information as the web, YouTube, and other vehicles of dissemination. I love the choice you made to replace the white light with green and gold. Good plan! And I’m glad that you’ve received good medicine from the CLEAR course!


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