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Often times people who are interested in channeling are also people who have (or have had) a tendency to go out of their body, which in energy terms means that conscious awareness vacates the embodied being-state and wanders the Cosmic field. In general, when this happens, people don’t necessarily have an awareness of the process of leave-taking. They may also not have an experience of their return to embodied awareness. What they may be aware of is gaps of time, some small, some perhaps quite lengthy, where they have no recollection of their experience.

Some people do notice the return to embodied awareness. It feels a bit like collapsing into a chair…there’s a ‘whumph’ upon landing. It won’t be audible, it’ll be internal and often quite jarring. What’s happening is that the emotional body is reuniting with the physical body, and the adrenals and nervous system are registering the landing. ‘Whumph.’

It’s not good for the energy or physical body to be in this state of disembodiment. It takes a lot of energy to leave the body, and it takes a lot of energy to integrate upon return.

The link between dissociation and disembodiment

In psychological terms, this out of body state is known as dissociation. The individual is disconnected from him or herself, especially emotionally. This is a very common trauma response, and there are lots of important strategies for handling the psychological aspects of dissociation. There are fewer strategies for dealing with the energetic aspects.

Bottom line: if you’re leaving your body, you’re not dying. You’re physically still in your day, at work, driving your car, hanging out with friends, drinking a beer. You’re doing whatever you’re doing. But it’s not really you doing the doing. It’s a being who has taken your place.

Freaky, right? I get it.

But don’t be freaked out. Rather, get grounded. And internalize this process. Because it’s not a life sentence to be energetically disembodied and psychologically dissociated. You’ve got some energy healing to do, and it begins with grounding. Fortunately, you’ve got The Present of Presence and the Grounding skill. It’s a useful thing to internalize and do repeatedly, hour after hour, day after day.

Meanwhile, releasing guides and beings gets rid of any of those hangers on that may have been in your field at one time or another over the years of your life. When you fire a guide, entity or a being, you’re making it very clear that you’re choosing autonomy, embodiment, sovereignty and that you are the boss of your body and your life. That’s a really good thing.

Clearing up some misconceptions

There’s a few New Age-y type of misconceptions that are worth addressing and clearing up before you head into practicing this skill:

  • Just because someone says they’re your guide, doesn’t mean they are. First of all, if the guide/being has spent time in your body; they’re low vibration, they’re not going to be all that useful to your spiritual process and development.
  • The fact that you don’t know that you’ve channeled in the past doesn’t mean it hasn’t occurred. It means you have not been conscious of the experience. Channeling is an unconscious process for many people. You’re not alone in this.
  • Any beings who you fire are ones you’ve energetically already decided you’re done with. In the integrated system of energy that you’re studying, nothing that you’re attached to will light up for release. This includes behaviors, patterns, emotions, energy with people, experiences, and guides, entities and beings. If for some reason, conscious or unconscious, you’re still attached to a guide or being, you won’t release it. The only beings that you’ll be able to release are those you have no interest in engaging further.
  • Your sovereignty and autonomy trump anyone else’s agenda for you and your life. You have the right to be Who You Are. In fact, that’s your primary purpose in being here. To have experiences, grow, learn, actualize and become Who You Are. Any guide who is bossy, directive and tells you what to do or how to act, behave, eat, relate, etc., is a low-level guide and not worthy of your time and energy.

Deceased loved ones, relatives and whether or not they’re viable guides for you

Your dead relatives, as delightful and loving as they were, are probably not that much farther ahead of you on the evolutionary spectrum. While it may work for you to think of them watching over you, protecting you, advocating for you, I would strongly encourage you to release them from your field. If they’ve been hanging out in your field, they’re using your body to continue to have a physical experience. That alone is proof positive that they’re not much farther along than you on the evolutionary spectrum. High-level, high vibration beings have no interest in hanging out in a body.

(If you’re attached to hanging on to those dead relatives, notice the bold print in the bullets above. You needn’t fear getting rid of those people; you’re still attached.)

Additionally, when relationships with loved ones and deceased family members are retained, there is an aspect of that individual’s consciousness that is unable to evolve. That part of the individual remains in stasis, tied to you and your incarnational experiences. When you let go of the loved one or relative, you’re both fully free to thrive and evolve.

To create a metaphorical example to help you process and consider this concern, let’s say that you resigned your job to take a new one in a different company. But in resigning, the company you’re leaving somehow convinced you to hang on to your role as the recording secretary for a task force researching a new technology.

You now work for another company, you have new colleagues, tasks and a new role, but you’re still tied to the old company, colleagues and a role and have to show up for task force meetings. You don’t get to fully move on to your new company and role.

Make sense?

It’s up to you. As you contemplate this material and move forward with Conscious Channeling, the readiness to let go of deceased relatives and loved ones may emerge. If you’re not ready now, that’s fine. Consider the following suggestion for continuing your engagement with these beloveds.

Let your relatives and loved ones know three things:

  • They must leave your body and your field and no longer have access to your space.
  • You will continue to engage and interact with them on a ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you’ basis. You’ll be the one to decide when to connect.
  • When you’d like to interact with them, place a flower about 12″ beyond the external boundary of your aura and invite the loved one to sit on the flower and engage with you from there.

That’s a great interim step for claiming and owning your sovereignty and contemplating the evolution of your relationship with your beloveds. Again, it’s up to you, but adopting the process until you’re ready to release your beloveds entirely, will certainly make a difference in your understanding of yourself, your energy, sovereignty, free will and autonomy.

Releasing Guides, Beings & Entities

Here’s the process for releasing guides, beings, entities:

  • Bring awareness to your crown chakra
  • Using your clear understanding of your sovereignty, personal alignment and embodied awareness, direct all beings, guides and entities who have engaged in to leave your field completely
  • In case you’re thinking that you should be polite, issue a request, negotiate or in any other way defer to the beings, guides or entities point of view, remember your sovereignty. In other words, your body, your rules.
  • Returning your awareness to your crown chakra, imagine lighting up the symbol for each being that has engaged with or occupied your field
  • Imagine making a copy of each symbol
  • Place the copy of the symbol on the original symbol. The homeopathic interaction will destroy the symbol and free your crown from the invasive, inappropriate energy.

Here’s a visual representation of this skill:

Next steps:

Please download the pdf file of Releasing Guides, Beings and Entities to add to your course resources. Then proceed to the mp3 meditation to practice the skill.


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