Download your course materials and an offer for you!

Please download the materials for the course before you call it complete! There’s a pdf of the slide presentation and the skills that you acquired. And the guided meditation is available for download as well.

We are excited to think about you having more agency, authority and autonomy as you evolve your Mind-Body-Energy Connection, and we trust your physical and emotional body will be excited, too!

If you’d like to have the rest of the clearing skills (a total of 13) for your inner work to evolve your energy, shift, heal, grow and become wholly and fully Who You Are, we’d love to welcome you to the CLEAR course. Use the coupon code mindbody at checkout when you purchase CLEAR, and you’ll receive 20% off of the regular price of $250. You’ll pay for the course in two installments, $100/month, and you’ll have a complete suite of skills that you can access at anytime to support your growth and evolution.


Thank you for your time, energy and participation in the Mind-Body-Energy Connection! We’re grateful to have the opportunity to engage with you and to share work that we find inspirational, spiritually evolutionary, grounded and practical.

Jill Leigh & Ellen Donaldson

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