Engaging the Occipital and Medulla Chakras

The energies of these chakras are pretty subtle

That doesn’t make unimportant or worth overlooking. Again, you’ll be activating these chakras in your client’s field, it’s tough to do so if you’re not activating these chakras in your own field. We all have a lot of chakras in our head. If you’ve taken the Clairvoyance Masterclass, you’re aware of a couple of Etheric chakras in your head that are used to engage the Clairvoyance System. Not only do we have Astral chakras (6th and 7th), we have Etheric major chakras (6th & 7th), as well as lots of Etheric minor chakras, such as the third eye, the chakra for the hypothalamus, the pineal and pituitary.

Occipital chakra

Occipital chakra

Take your hands and place them at the base of your skull, and find the tendons on either side of your skull that connect your head to your neck. There’s a hollow between those two tendons, do you feel it? You’ll access your Occipital chakra from there. You don’t need to use your hands, though you will with your clients when you Engage their Occipital and Medulla chakras. Clairvoyantly, when you look at or perceive the Occipital chakras, they will look like 4 pilot lights, or small flames, lined up in a row from left to right. Occasionally all 4 lights are on, often only one or two.

When working with your own energy, you’ll visualize lighting the pilot lights. Should you upon a rare occasion, discover all 4 are lit and active, it’s important to acknowledge and validate their presence.

The Occipital chakra is an important resources for your overall well-being, health and vitality. I have never seen a client or viewed my own energy and found none of the pilot lights or flames on and lit. I most frequently see 2 or 3 lit, and only occasionally just one. If a client (or you) are dealing with a chronic illness or chronic pain, such as neuropathy or pain from an accident or wound, the long-term effect is often decreased Etheric quality and vitality. As you work with your clients to manage pain, let go of the tendency to somatize emotion (which contributes to or increases pain), the Occipital chakras may respond accordingly.

Either way, check in, turn on the 4 pilot lights and proceed with your inner work, and shortly, when you move into the tablework aspects of the program, you’ll be turning on your clients pilot lights!

Medulla chakra

Medulla Chakra

Return your focus to the hollow between the tendons at the base of your skull. Perhaps, if it’s comfortable, reach your arm behind your head and place your hand chakra over the hollow. Now, take your tongue and slide it back along the center line of the roof of your mouth until you reach the place where the bony hard palate meets soft tissue. Imagine beaming energy diagonally up from the hollow in your neck to the place where your hard palate meets your soft palette. The Medulla chakra is located near the junction of the hard and soft palette in your mouth. When you activate this chakra, you can visualize rotating it in a clockwise direction, acknowledging its presence as a resource to your health, vitality and well-being.

Again, you’ll be doing this with your clients as well when you proceed through the Energy Balancing protocol for Opening a Session.

Don’t worry about how it gets done with your clients for the moment, focus on you!

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