Guided Meditation – Setting Your Chakras and Grounding Your Energy

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We hope you’re poised to learn more about energy, perhaps to clear your chakras and aura, or to work with your belief systems to attune them to what you’d like to create in your life. There’s a very brief overview of what’s available to you at EHI, and an offer for you to consider.

8 thoughts on “Guided Meditation – Setting Your Chakras and Grounding Your Energy”

  1. Oh, wow! I did NOT expect to see my 5th Chakra at 10%. I thought it would fluctuate between 55 and beyond 100%, especially since I knew when I was “holding my tongue”. The “beyond 100%” would kick in when I had had it “holding my tongue.”. Yikes!

    • It’s eye-opening to see how impinged the 5th chakra can become through patterns such as “holding your tongue” or “going along to get along”. Now that you know, you can consciously choose a different way of showing up and regulating your energy to support your authentic self expression instead. How empowering!

  2. Many thanks, Jill. This was tremendously helpful. I tend to operate on full tilt, so it’s no wonder I often feel drained and overwhelmed (and attract people who enjoy absorbing the energy I give out). Chakra knowledge is not new to me, but this very specific relationship between each center and forms of dysregulation (and strength) really spoke to me. I feel more gathered, calm and centered after the meditation. Being grounded is a skill I am still learning, and it’s so empowering when I’m truly in my body and connected to the earth.

    I look forward to the process of training my “puppies” and seeing how it shifts how I show up in my life and relationships. And, because I have chronic health issues, I have a much clearer sense of how I hold my energy and how it affects my astral and physical bodies.

    • Hi Paula – hooray! We’re so glad you found the Present of Presence information and skills helpful. Grounding, embodiment and containment are foundational skills to creating the kind of life and relationships you want. The days of operating at full tilt, feeling drained and overwhelmed will soon be a distant memory the more you practice and integrate. We’re so excited for you as you step into your calm and centered self!

  3. Thanks so much for this meditation and these videos. I’ve never gone through the chakras like that and it was interesting. I love grounding through my feet and often need it, and what struck me is at first, I thought my fifth chakra was pretty open, but then I started thinking about the ways that I check myself mostly because I want approval and everyone to like me. I’m no wallflower or afraid to speak my mind, but I think there are ways I could be more authentic. Probably the most powerful chakra was in my hands. I’m an empath and as I get older and my friends and family are needier and needier, I want to be there for them, but it’s good to have a way not to get drained. I felt more intact keeping the hand chakra to 25%. I probably walk around with it at 80, but I will now be much more aware. Thank you again and I look forward to the next videos.


    • Hi Karen – we’re so glad you enjoyed the Present of Presence. It’s a fabulous introduction to the chakras. Learning to work with your energy body enables greater facility with in-the-moment responses. You’re spot on that people-pleasing behaviors and empathic tendencies have their roots in the 2nd, 5th and hand chakras. Now, you get to attend to your loved ones without ending up drained. Enjoy this new found awareness!


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