A split plane that is wildly diverse and fascinating

In many ways, the Mental/Causal plane carries as much diversity and complexity as the Etheric/Physical plane, but for very different reasons. The Etheric/Physical plane contains the physical body, and the energy systems that inform the body, including the Group Nadis and Meridians that inform the larger body that we all share, the planet Earth.

This Lesson will be fairly brief, because we don’t work with this Plane until Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause.

Friedlander did not discover the Mental/Causal split plane, his subplane interpretations are quite granular and highly illuminating. Pondering them deeply, you can’t help but expand your conscious awareness. It’s nearly inevitable.

Mental – Mind with Form

The four lowest subplanes are the Mental aspect of the Mental/Causal plane. The subplanes hold an extraordinary amount of generative, manifesting energy. The seventh and sixth subplanes hold the aggregate, conscious and unconscious understanding and actualization of the cells and structures of the body and the functions and processes of its organs and systems. Take that in. These two subplanes of awareness, that no one owns, yet everyone accesses, carry and convey the energetic blueprints for the manufacturing plant that is the human body.

And let’s not limit these two subplanes to strictly human blueprints. The Mental grid is likely endless, and we all have access to everything, whether or not we ever actually tap into it all!

The remaining two subplanes in the Mental, five and four, relate to our more traditional mental definitions. The fifth subplane is the concrete intellect — your everyday, normal thinker, and how you use it. This is where you have to start diverging your understanding of the 6th chakra; thoughtforms and manifest belief systems from the concrete intellect, which creates ideas, tasks, actions, to-do’s, and more. The concrete intellect is an architect, laying out the plans. The 6th chakra is a builder., taking the plans and building from its toolset of beliefs, past experiences, emotional baggage, actual knowledge, etc.

The fourth subplane is the Higher Mind. Genius thinking, such as Einstein, Tesla, Edison, brilliant inventors and designers like Steve Jobs. And occasionally, me. And you. And everyone else. This is once again, a plane of awareness that we all share, whether we dip into it or not.

In summary, and as a gateway to expanded consciousness, each one of us is our own unique, individual essence, having whatever experiences we do, while simultaneously affiliated to enormous data banks of information that inform us in countless ways and that extend beyond whatever we think, know and have experienced.

Causal – Formless Mind

The upper three subplanes of the Mental/Causal plane are esoteric, spiritual, and while logical and beautifully aligned with all that has come before with the Etheric, Astral and Mental, the Causal opens up fields of spiritual contemplation, as well as pragmatic and practical access for individual evolution and understanding of the essence-self, the generation of our individual beliefs, Karmic Load and the Soul.

The very nature of this last sentence gives you a taste of the Causal and its template for expansion and evolution.

Next steps:

This Lesson was pretty brief, the next one will be even shorter. It’s a very abbreviated chart of the remaining four planes that comprise the Seven Planes of Consciousness. There’s a couple of downloads and a meditation you might like to try to ride the planes of awareness.



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