Read as Few Final Thoughts About Clearing Karma

Karmic experience need not be a mandate. You may not be able to wish it away, however, you can clear it away.

Give yourself the gift of time and patience. Plan your work (be intentional) and work your plan.

As you do, the jagged energies and behaviors inhibiting your ability to be present in current time yield, opening a pathway to new awareness, authentic experience and in the moment response.

How to proceed? Here’s a suggested practice:

  • Look at the patterns, behaviors, experiences that you’re creating and the people with whom you’re creating them
  • Take ownership and responsibility for your piece of what’s created (you’re the common link amongst all of your experiences and interactions)
  • Formulate an intention for the evolution and change you’d like to create
  • Explore and Clear Your Karma (and Programming, Emotional Energy, Cords, and any of the other Clear Skills that emerge in your consciousness as resources to support your shift)
  • Run Energy, Set & Partner Chakras, Create Auric Boundaries, Ground*
  • Observe and notice how you change as you continue your active clearing practice

* Setting and Partnering Chakras, and Grounding are learned and practiced in my free online course, The Present of Presence. If you haven’t taken that course, I suggest you do so, as the skills are foundational to the energy system you’re learning and studying here.

As you’ve progressed through this course, you’ve begun to experience and hopefully appreciate the richness and diversity of the Astral/Emotional energy body.

Emotions are complex and multi-layered, it stands to reason that emotional energy must be equally intricate!

The last two Clear Skills¬†round out your suite of resources for deep, rich, evolutionary internal work. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

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