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Welcome to Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing!

You’re internalizing the Astral energy body, and conducting sessions with your clients. Perhaps you’ve launched your practice and are now ready for the next step in your energy healing studies. Wherever you are in your process, it is great that you’re here, preparing to deepen your understanding of energy by learning about the Etheric body, the chakras, aura, nadis and other facets that make up the energy system for the physical body.

You’ve seen the following couple of paragraphs before, but perhaps it was a while ago. To refresh you on what you’ve done and where you’re going, it may be worth reviewing them again.

The Astral body is always part of every experience.
The Astral body is one of three primary bodies that we all inhabit and utilize to be Who We Are. The Astral body is the emotional body, and the chakras and aura that you’ll be working with deeply in this program is the most familiar system to most. It consists of seven primary chakras and an aura that extends 3-4 feet around the body in all directions, often called The Luminous Egg. The emotional body is such an important factor in our overall understanding of ourselves, the meaning of our experiences, and even the experiences that we create, co-create and inhabit. You’ll spend a lot of time working in the Astral body in your client practice, and in your own life. It’s where patterns, behaviors, beliefs, emotions — the good and the not so good — stem from. I suspect you’re not perfect (in fact, I hope not!), you have stuff you need to work out and resolve, and it lives in your Astral body. No matter what your modalities are that you’ve studied or plan to study, the emotional body is part of every interaction and experience, and it informs the physical body. You can watch a video with a deeper explanation of the Astral body on YouTube here.

The Etheric/physical body is informed by Astral energy.
The Etheric body is the energy system for the physical body. Unlike the Astral body with its relatively simple elements, the Etheric body is as complex and sophisticated as the physical body. Think for a moment about your body. How many of your body’s processes do you do consciously? Quite a few. You eat food, eliminate waste, move about with (hopefully) conscious awareness. However, so much more of what occurs in your body is completely below your radar. You don’t pump blood or digest food consciously, you don’t breathe consciously, though you may choose to hold your breath while underwater, or as you pass by something that doesn’t appeal to your sense of smell. Your blood is integral to your life, your digestion, breathing, brain power. Yet, you don’t direct your blood or manage its tasks. The body is highly complex, and is in direct communication with itself at all times. Your nervous system ensures this is so. The energy system is highly complex because it must support the intricacies of your physical body. And your physical body is deeply informed by your Astral body. Your feeling state effects your physical state. You’re now embarking on integrating Etheric energy healing into your client sessions. Doing so invites deeper evolution, the ability to more comprehensively address client issues and concerns. You can watch a video with a deeper explanation of the Etheric body on YouTube here.

The Mental/Causal body incorporates design (Causal) and architecture (Mental).
The Mental/Causal body is fascinating in that it is a split plane or body. The Mental body incorporates the concrete intellect, as well as the intelligence of the physical body’s structure and form. Understanding the granularity of the physical body, and how its cells and processes come together at a macro level is one of the benefits of learning about the Mental body. Beyond the Mental body, lies the Causal body, the other aspect of this plane or body of consciousness. The Causal is expansive, deeply spiritual and contains essential overlays that inform and inspire the being state of each one of us. In the third year practitioner program at EHI, Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause, you’ll learn how to work in the Mental/Causal and other energetic constructs to support a deep level of healing that usually is needed to accompany resolving a physical disease or illness. You can watch a video with a deeper explanation of the Causal body on YouTube here.

Next steps:

Watch the Welcome video, and then jump into your learning. I’m thrilled you’re here and excited to watch you progress with the material offered in Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing.


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