Mine vs. Not Mine

What an important concept to consider when thinking about energy healing.  Mine vs. Not Mine.  Why?  Why is it so important?

Because the energy body is a porous thing, lovies.  Energy flows in and out through the permeable boundaries of the electromagnetic field or aura.  If you’re out and about, doing your life and you’re taking on lots of energies that aren’t yours (and usually what we’re picking up is EMOTIONAL energy), then you’re filling yourself with “Not Mine”.

I can’t tell you how often I’ll get an email or phone call from clients or students requesting an appointment with me because they ‘feel off’ or ‘not quite like myself.’  That’s exactly right.  They are off – Off of their own energy and On to someone else’s.  And therefore they don’t feel quite like themselves.

This is really a solvable issue.  I’ve covered the 2nd chakra and its tendency to serve as a vibratorium for the emotions – of self and others.  The opening of the 2nd chakra defines how much Mine you’re vibrating.  The more open the 2nd chakra, the more Not Mine you’re vibrating.  So remember to close the 2nd chakra to 25%, and you’ll have a much clearer sense of self and perspective about what you’re enrolled in.  You’ll live in the world of Mine.

But wait – there’s more!  You can also do one of my favorite exercises that I teach students and clients all the time.  It’s called Mine vs. Not Mine.

Mine - the rose on your left
Not Mine – the rose on your right

Place a rose out in front of you, at arm’s length, about six inches away from the palm of your left hand.  So your arm is extended in front of you, and your palm is facing up, like a traffic cop about to stop a line of cars.  The rose is 6” beyond your palm.  Got it?  Good.  (Truthfully, you don’t need to extend your arm to do this exercise, I’m just helping you understand that the rose needs to be outside of your energy field, and 6” beyond your extended arm will do the trick nicely.)

Now, place another rose at arm’s length about six inches away from the palm of your right hand.

OK, you’ve got your Rose Repositories and you’re ready for Mine vs. Not Mine.

Pick an emotion – anger, fear, anxiety, rage, depression, impatience – whatever floats your proverbial emotional boat.  Say hello to that emotion.  In saying hello, you’re acknowledging the awareness of the emotion, and you’re activating that awareness in your energy field.

Next, imagine that you can send all of the energy of the emotion you picked out to the rose in front of you on your left.  See if you can sense or perceive the energy vacating your field and accumulating on the rose.  You may feel some relief or release of tension in your body.  You might see the rose in front of you getting filled with the emotional energy.

Now, here’s where the fun comes in.  Ask for all of the energy that is Not Mine to move over to the rose on your right, leaving only the energy that is Mine on the left rose.

I have never had a client or student tell me that the emotional energy on the Mine rose was greater than the emotional energy that migrated to the Not Mine rose.

This skill illustrates lots of things.

  1.  We tend to pick up other people’s emotional energy.  Period.  The end.
  2. We can get consumed by other people’s emotional energy and it drags us down.  Ick poo.
  3. We can assess our tendency to do this, and even assess which emotions we tend to take on – anxiety yes, depression no.  Rage yes, fear no.  That’ll tell us a lot about what kinds of energies we resonate with in our lives.
  4. By separating out Not Mine from Mine, we can easily release the Not Mine and eliminate it from our energy body.  We’ll feel like ourselves again.
  5. The energy that’s Mine is where the work lies.  If we put 100% of the fear we’re carrying out on to a rose and discover that 72% of it is Not Mine, we’re done with that.  Right?  It’s Not Mine.  Finito.
  6. The 28% that stays on the left rose is Mine.  It’s what we need to meet, own and clear.  In so doing, we set ourselves ever freer from vibrating fearful experiences into our lives.

So, whoever said that a rose is a rose is a rose was out of touch with the larger issue of Mine vs. Not Mine.  But we know better, now don’t we?

Keep your energy flowing!

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