Nadi, Nadi, Nadi

No, I’m not scolding you.  And I’m not calling you naughty.  I am calling out to your nadis, because yes, even you have them.

When teaching participants about hands-on healing during EHI’s Facilitating Healing curriculum, we cover a skill called Untangling Nadis.  The nadis are akin to the meridians – the channels that funnel energy to the organs, glands and systems of the body.  Streaming from the Sushumna, or Central Channel, the nadis deliver energy and information to the body to ensure its viable and efficient functioning.

Whenever I work with clients delivering healing energy through hands on or hands off healing, I untangle nadis.  Their energy is subtle (and based on last week’s blog post – vital, filled with vitality and vitally important).

Untangling nadis is not difficult to do.  In fact, it’s as easy as untying knots in a string.  That’s essentially the process used.  When you are ill or depleted, identify the organ affected by the illness (for example, a stomach flu would involve the stomach and intestines).  Imagine the nadis being fed by the Sushumna or Central Channel.  Imagine that they are tangled or constrained and simply clear the tangle or constraint with a tiny tweezers and a tiny pair of hands.

Here’s a picture of the Sushumna, along with the Ida and Pingala, three primary nadis in the Hindu energy system.


These primary nadis feed the chakras in their macro form, the minor nadis are illustrated in the picture below.

Now here’s a picture of the smaller nadis.  These lesser nadis run throughout the energy body and deliver prana and carry away depleted energy from the organs and systems of the body.

An effective visualization for untangling nadis:

  • Ground your body – see Getting Grounded post
  • Open your feet chakras (60% open)
  • Imagine that there are tiny strings of energy feeding prana (life force) to the organs or systems in the body you’d like to support
  • Imagine that you have tiny hands and tiny tweezers that can tease apart any knots in your nadis (which probably beat bats in your belfry!)
  • As the knots untangle, imagine free flowing energy – prana – energizing, supporting, vitalizing your organ or system
  • Finish the process by Grounding again

As you practice this, you may sense or feel the nadis you’re visualizing; they are most commonly experienced with your fingertip chakras.  They’re little tiny, zingy strings of energy and they have a slightly buzzy or tingly feel to them.

Having just returned from a trip to California for 9 days, where I fully acclimated to the West Coast time zone, I’m now back on Eastern time and have been dragging a bit.  I have been feeling dense, logy and that I’d simply like to crawl back under the covers for a few days – sleep it off, reacclimate to the Eastern time zone.

I thought my Pilates instruction would help me feel more alert and embodied, and it did, but I also knew when class was over this morning that I wasn’t yet fully present.

So as I wrote this blog post, I practiced what I’m preaching.  I spent about 10 minutes untangling nadis in my adrenals, my heart and my brain.  And I feel rested, relaxed and more awake than I have since Friday.

So remember, nadis aren’t naughty, they don’t tangle on purpose.  They tangle and knot because of deficiencies in overall energy vitality.  It’s a simple matter to attend to your nadis, unknot your nadis and support their return to vibrant coherence.

Your body will thank you!  Keep your vital energy flowing…

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  1. Ah, practicing what one preaches – I have to admit to occasionally falling into that trap myself.

    Very nice post as well. There a wealth to learn and apply in energy healing isn’t there?



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