Where Do You Place Your Attention?

Do You:

  • watch a lot of news on tv
  • read a lot of news in the paper
  • talk about the headlines with your friends, family, colleagues
  • feel overwhelmed by all of the terrible things happening in the world

Do You?

  • meditate, pray, turn your attention inward
  • cultivate inner peace
  • seek ways to create and support change locally – in your community
Shifting my attention
Shifting my attention

My Attention Shift

Moving to Portland, Oregon was a major transition for me.

I went from living on 20 acres in Maine to a 900 sq. ft. condo in the heart of the city.

I lived with my husband in Maine. I live alone in Portland.

I left my TV in Maine. And I chose not to buy one in Portland.

I spent the first 3 months without a radio. And I rarely used my computer to stream NPR.

My addiction to being ‘current’ on the news and feeling informed and therefore, somehow like I was Doing Something to Help was instantly broken.

Here’s What Happened

I got involved with people in my community. I found out about local issues – through connecting with people and learning about what they thought about – where they placed their attention.

And I started contributing to the lives of people in my community.

And I learned.

How to Make A Difference

Through small, simple acts of neighborliness, I make a difference in the lives of people around me. I’m making connections that continue to grow and deepen.

And I’m at peace.

Because in my local community, I truly am important. I can make a difference, and my participation is measurable, tangible and action-oriented.

The World is the World

Off with the TV - Out into my Local World!
Off with the TV – Out into my Local World!

I can’t do a thing about Syria, Iraq, Ebola. I’m clear that my contribution to these issues is nil at best.

I am clear that if I place my attention on problems I can’t solve, address, resolve or contribute to resolving, then I am going to feel helpless, uneasy and at a loss.

Local is Home

My meditations, energy, intention and attention are focused on what I can effect locally. And I am at peace. I am making a difference, I am being the change.

I’m a tiny cog in a huge wheel. And I’m important. Where I am. The wheel isn’t the same without me. Where I am.

The view from my window – I make a difference here.


My Biggest Gift

This awareness – that placing my energy on problems and issues beyond my pay grade is debilitating, disempowering and devolves my ability to take action.

This awareness – unplugging from the unrelenting pressure of the problems of the world has been so healing and affirming.

This awareness – that my local efforts matter, generate measurable results has been so validating and uplifting.

This awareness – has taught me volumes about presence and consciousness. About Being the Change.

Where Do You Place Your Attention?

I’d love to know. And I’d love to continue the dialogue.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever your focus – Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing!


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