Somatization, A Quick Guide

What is Somatization?

Somatization is the result of repressed emotions migrating from the Astral/emotional energy field into the field of the physical/Etheric body. We can all recognize the cause-effect relationship between stubbing a toe and it turning blue, we also need a toolset for recognizing physical pain that originated from a difficult or painful emotion or thought.

Your emotional energy should reside in your Astral body

Have you ever had a bunch of symptoms arise in your body, gone to the doctor, run a battery of tests, and discovered that there’s nothing wrong – none of the tests show a single issue to resolve?

Somatized emotion is like that. It creates symptoms, but not necessarily illness. Though, make no mistake, repressed emotions left in the body long enough can result in illness. Or they can amplify or exacerbate a weakness or genetic trait.

Situational Somatizing

Ever had butterflies in your stomach? That’s somatized anxiety! Since the feeling of anxiety is intolerable, we attempt to repress the feeling. It doesn’t, however, disappear. Instead it shows up as that fluttery feeling in the stomach.

Luckily with butterflies, they’re situational, subsiding when the speech or presentation or first date is over.

Situational somatization isn’t going to create lasting problems in the body. Even if the anxiety leads to vomiting, it’ll be over with soon!

Long-Term Somatizing

But what about difficult emotions? The ones that we avoid and repress? These unacknowledged, suppressed emotions migrate from the emotional body into the physical body, where they collect and fester.

Where do you store somatized emotions?

What part of your body has been acting up? Are there places where your body is in distress? That’s where you conceivably have somatized emotions. When repressed emotional energy migrates down into the Etheric body, they block and constrict energy flow, in turn generating or exacerbating the discomfort or disease. Of course, what you eat, your family history, etc., are factors, too.

Here’s a chart for you to figure out where you might be somatizing:


Anything going on in these areas?

Address, Don’t Repress

A colleague who is quite conscious and evolved shared that she was working on resolving some physical and emotional issues that she felt were inter-related.

Acknowledging that she somatizes emotions, we created a strategy to release uncomfortable emotional energies out of her physical body, and a formula for addressing and releasing the emotional energy in her Astral body so that she can minimize and let go of the tendency to repress them.  The work is iterative and progressive; she’s gradually evolving her relationship with her body and emotions.

So what’s the strategy?

  1. Identify parts of the body that tend to carry distress – stomach, joints, bladder…
  2. Correlate the organ, system, gland, joint to a chakra using the chart above.
  3. Imagine tying a balloon on a string to the auric layer of the chakra you’ve identified, (5th chakra = 5th layer, 1st chakra – 1st layer of the aura…).
  4. Imagine pulling the emotional energy out of the chakra and sending it into the balloon that’s tethered to the layer of your aura – where it floats outside of your field, remaining connected to you and your emotional awareness.
  5. Meditate on the balloon with the intention to meet, greet and complete your work with these particular emotions.
  6. Trust that as you meditate and do the work, the energy will release from the balloon, the string will dissipate and you and your body will have found a new way to collaborate.

Your body, your emotions, your conscious awareness (and your doctor) will thank you.

What emotional baggage are you carrying in your body? Where do you feel it?

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