Absolute Sovereignty Overrides Psychic Attack

Sovereignty is your birthright

This is the story of a beautiful woman’s inner (r)evolution to understanding boundaries, sovereignty and authority. Here’s the background:

Tanya requested a 1:1 session to sever connection with a non-physical being that was causing her harm. The being was theoretically a soulmate or twin flame to whom she felt karmically bound. Yet the invasive toxicity of the psychic interactions frightened her, so she sought her freedom. Once again, the simple skills in The Present of Presence and CLEAR have supported her evolution, along with a foundational understanding of personal sovereignty.  Tanya gave me permission to share this information when we began working together.

Tanya’s Evolution:

My sovereignty is absolute. I own my energy, my life, my experiences. I’ve got the power and agency to manifest what I want, to create the life I want, and to let go of what I don’t want or need.

My Story about Sovereignty:

A New Age ‘healer’ facilitated a psychic connection between my astral body and the astral body of a twin flame/soulmate.The ‘relationship’ rapidly became demanding, invasive, and uprooted my sense of peace. I spent months trying to sever psychic connection, but the entity refused to leave my space.

I asked Jill to do a session with me to release the entity. She declined my request, instead offering me these teachings in an email. She told me her intention was to help me see that freedom lies within me, and to help me get clear that it’s up to me to reclaim my authority. She said in her initial email response:

  • You either believe that your energy body and s/Self are sovereign or you don’t. No being or entity can refuse to leave your field when you are sovereign.
  • I could remove one being or ten thousand, I could sever connections all day long. It’s your energy field. You grant access to your field through porous boundaries, or deny access through containment.
  • Porosity is not spiritual; it is disembodying and diminishes sovereignty.
  • Learning to contain your energy and space, and owning your sovereignty is the permanent cure for psychic invasion. You don’t need a healer, you need sovereignty and containment.

I had been coming to these conclusions on my own, and let Jill know I understood. She then agreed to a session with me, and I’ve been using the CLEAR skills to own my energy, and let go of trauma and story that set me up for the boundary violations that I experienced. I’ve realized that this is a journey, and that I am healing from an abuse story. The psychic interference is a manifestation of that abused. Owning my energy field is akin to owning my body and my life. It’s one and the same. I am sovereign. My sovereignty is absolute.

My thoughts and insights:

A pervasive New Age (Skew Age) myth incorrectly guides people to believe they need ‘protection’ from psychic attack, beings & entities, or from voodoo and black magic. The solution is simpler than most people realize. It may not be as sexy as the dramatic battle about who or what holds the power to harm you, but know this: Sovereignty is absolute. You either believe it or you don’t. There ain’t no ‘buts’ to this, people.

It may sound harsh that I do not take client cases where people ask me to resolve psychic interference — whether it be a theoretical twin flame, voodoo, or other forms of black magic. The issue is porosity and sovereignty. If I remove the interference, where is the individual’s sovereignty and self-awareness? I’m manipulating their energy in the same way the ‘bad guy’ is. I’m taking control and shifting what’s happening in the client’s field. That puts me in a role where sovereignty is absolute, except that it really isn’t, because I have the authority to override a client’s sovereignty as a ‘force for good’. I don’t believe that’s appropriate. Beyond that, until the client learns how to own their energy, he or she will be back for more entity removal. Because the porosity in their energy field sets them up for perpetration.

Let me ask you:

Do you see the gift in being empowered to own your energy, to have use tools and resources that establish and anchor your sovereignty and authority?


[The skills and tools referenced in this post are from two online courses that EHI offers to the consciously curious. The Present of Presence is a free, 1-hour engagement with two foundational skills for energy regulation and embodiment. CLEAR is a series of skills, delivered in an online, self-paced format, for energetic self-care, and for clearing and releasing patterns, themes and behaviors that inhibit authentic presence and in the moment choice.]



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