There’s No Blissing Out in Spiritual Emergence

Spiritual Emergence (or Emergency)

This past Thursday I listened to a Blab with Blair Glaser and her guests. The topic — New Age myths. One of myths discussed – being blissed out — people who are so full of sweetness and light and relentless positive thinking that they don’t actually show up and take action in the world. (Here’s the Blab if you want to take a listen.)

How I wish I was available to join this Blab – I have so many thoughts about the New Age craziness that abounds in spiritual circles. Bliss out? No thank you!

But the Blab got me thinking.


The Opposite of Sweetness & Light

What about the other side of New Age spirituality? What about the darkness – the void, the pit of despair?


Wreaking Havoc
Wreaking Havoc


The challenge of knowing that you’re operating through your belief systems, and that some of them might be wreaking a little havoc with what’s happening in your life in real-time?


What about ‘spiritual emergence(y)’?

The term is apt; spiritual emergence is an awakening. It’s often preceded by wading through a swamp of dark, murky waters. Illness, depression, trauma, grief, anxiety, phobias, fears. That’s some kind of dark. And messy. Oh so messy.


Navigating the Swamp of Spiritual Emergence(y)
Navigating the Swamp of Spiritual Emergence(y)


Spiritual emergency – is a form of awakening, with a razor-edge. It’s sharp, profound and split second. In one place one moment, then some sort of spontaneous quickening or triggering touchstone – and bam – you’re in a spiritual emergency. Bones, emotions and the mind liquefy and you’re a heap of pudding needing to re-form.


Feeling a bit undone - Spiritual Emergence(y)
Feeling a bit undone – Spiritual Emergence(y)


These dark times are pivotal and paramount. You can’t run…and you can’t hide. The call is to evolution, not eviction!

Don’t be fooled by the New Age sweetness and light platitudes. They dodge and weave, hyping the blissed out version of reality and avoiding emergence.

And know this. Those who are hanging out in the bliss zone have every opportunity for darkness to catch them unaware. And all that sweetness and light won’t help them get through and beyond the experience of emergence (or emergency). Not. One. Little. Bit.


Dodging & Weaving
Dodging & Weaving


The good news? There are resources, skills, tools that can be applied to help integrate when emergence(y) is underway.


Grounding in-bodys

In emergence(y), there’s a tendency to want to transcend (which means ‘go beyond’ or ‘rise above’) the experience. Perhaps even leaving the body to escape the pudding state of the bones, emotions and mind. Remember, you can run, but you can’t hide. When you land back in your body – it’ll be there, waiting for you. Pudding.

Grounding anchors, invites presence, supports awareness.


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Get Grounded


Resist leaving your body. Ground instead.


Energy boundaries contain

Energy boundaries is another resource for navigating the pudding of emergence(y). Boundaries contain, make space for you and your energy to coalesce – so you can grow your bones, balance your emotions, calm your mind and integrate.


The beauty of boundaries
The beauty of boundaries


What’s the benefit of spiritual emergence(y)?

Well, for starters – there’s unraveling story, trauma, beliefs, limitations. And letting go of energy and its implications to the mind, emotions and body. (And of course, your spirit!)

Evolving. Be-coming authentic. Real. Who You Are.


How will you know when you’ve made it through?

Trust me. You’ll know. The same way that you know when you open the door in a pitch black room and enter one full of light.


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Through Emergence(y)s Doorway – into the light


The light (and joy) is on the other side of emergence(y). And the most best way is through.


Will you bliss out when you’re out?

Not if you’re grounded, contained and own your experience. No risk of that happening to you! Joyous, yes. Renewed, absolutely. Blissed out? No.

Phew! What a relief, right?

Keep your vital energy flowing!





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