Surfing the Holiday Waves – Avoiding an Energetic Tsunami

A $45, 1-Hour Online Course

Tell me! Do you want to surf above the holiday fracas and avoid an Energetic Tsunami? Because don’t look now…the holidays are here!

It’s true – we made it past Halloween and now the full onslaught of festivus begins. Looked in any retail store windows lately? You’ll know it’s true! The begging for Black Friday has commenced, the party invitations will begin to pile up. There’ll be turkey to roast, pies to be baked or bought, the holiday office party to attend – the frenzy will crescendo and, and, and AUGHHHHHH!

Would you rather Surf the Holiday Waves?

Don your wet suits, slap on your flippers and join Chakra Khan and learn your tools to ride the waves with ease!


Pick a day and time that works for you – we’re here to surf (and serve).

  • Saturday December 14, 2013   9:00-10:00 AM EST
  • Saturday December 28, 2013  9:00-10:00 AM EST

Easy, Simple Practice

Learn and apply an easy, simple, intentional energy practice that keeps you above the fracas and not tumbling through the holiday waves, scraping your face on the sandy bottom of family conflicts, TMI parties and office hullabaloos – all hallmarks of this time of year!

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The practice includes:

  • A simple, clear intention – to focus and galvanize your mind and emotions
  • A quick and easy practice – to ground and containing your energy  and offload energies that boggle, frazzle or fizzle your joy in the season!

Ready to surf the waves? Pick your date and time, click the registration button and suit up! An hour of your time and $45 will get you in the know so you can enjoy the flow.

You’ll receive a confirmation email when you register, the session will be recorded and available to participants to anchor the skills and help you master your holiday Mojo!  Happy Holidays and Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing!

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Present of Presence

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