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Manifesting with Your Chakras – Online Course-let starts Wednesday!

Chakras Are Manifestation Machines Last chance to join Chakra Khan at her live, Online Course-let – Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It! The 4-week Course-let begins Wednesday, January 8 at 8:00pm EDT and continues through January 29. Learn 4 skills over 4 weeks for $195! The Online Course-let is recorded so that you can listen… [Read More…] about Manifesting with Your Chakras – Online Course-let starts Wednesday!

Taking Care

Chakra Khan is taking care. Right now. Taking care to let the muse rest and regenerate. Taking care to nurture a healing heart. Taking care to honor passages large and small. Taking care to meditate, clear energy, exercise, eat cleanly, breathe. Taking care of business transitions. Taking care. So many passages. Two young, beautiful, beloved… [Read More…] about Taking Care

Talking Heads

You know that ‘my head’s so full it’s going to explode’ feeling you get when you have a bad cold?  That’s how your energy head feels when you’re a Talking Head.  It’s actually heavy to the hands of the healer.  (If the healer accesses energy through felt-sense or clairsentience.) Guess what?  We’re all a bunch… [Read More…] about Talking Heads