Taking Care

Chakra Khan is taking care. Right now.

Taking care to let the muse rest and regenerate.
Taking care to nurture a healing heart.
Taking care to honor passages large and small.
Taking care to meditate, clear energy, exercise, eat cleanly, breathe.
Taking care of business transitions.
Taking care.

So many passages. Two young, beautiful, beloved dogs in 5 weeks. Other personal shifts – internal and within the extended family. Moving out of the beautiful therapeutic healing space and classroom in Boston. All aspects of life up in the air.

Zoe & Whistler.  Adored & missed.
Zoe & Whistler. Adored & missed.

And underneath the tumultuous, emotional, challenging, stimulating and wondrous evolution of it all, there’s a core clarity and calm that tells me – just take care.

I was once told I’m a turtle. That I don’t organically like to rush around. At the time I heard this, it was all I was doing. In fact, I was late to the meeting because I had so much to do.

In 2002 I became a turtle. And I learned to take care.

It’s been years since I’ve had to take care at this level. I’m not often in crisis or poignant sadness.

Here I am.

I’m in deep honoring of this time. And I’ll be taking care.

The sacred flame of Taking Care
The sacred flame of Taking Care

Do you take care? What does your process look like when you need to take care? We’d love to know.

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9 thoughts on “Taking Care”

  1. I’m moved by how you’ve found the right words to comfort yourself and to honor the depth of what you’re experiencing. May you continue to find just what you need when and where you need it.

    My taking care is a pulling inward, an inviting of replenishment, seeking assurance and reassurance that all shall be well especially in moments when resolution hasn’t shown itself and frankly may not or at least not on a timescale I prefer. Self-compassion is generally what I need most.

    Best wishes, big hugs, and thanks for the bright light you are that shines even during your own difficult losses and transitions.

    • Hi Christy,
      I so appreciate your kind words, and I also love your expression ‘inviting of replenishment.’ That seems just right! I will definitely keep shining my light, it’s lighting my path on the this part of my journey. A friend and I snowshoe a lot in the winter time, and when it’s a particularly difficult day – deep snow, open water to jump, lots of upping and not enough downing – we’ll remind each other…’Don’t worry, only 12 more bad parts!’ Gets us laughing every time. We always make it home, even if it’s a rough ride. And we all know that laughter’s great medicine for the heart.

  2. Your beautiful comments remind us that nobody is immune from loss and what it seems to take from us. No matter that we understand they will reincarnate or that there is a “reason for everything”. It just sucks and it’s okay to say that and take care of yourself. It’s okay to be sad for the time you need to be sad. I am deeply connected to my own animals as well, and dread the day of their transitions. So do take care of yourself, dear CK, and know that you are loved. <3

    • Thank you, Paula. Indeed, these pet passages have been so difficult, and have sucked the juice right out of me. It’s a difficult time and there’s nothing else to do but surrender to the loss, let go and take care. The heart is resilient and the spirit is strong. I know I’ll be back, tempered, burnished and ready. Thanks for writing and sending love. Chakra Khan

  3. Dear Jill,
    So sorry to hear about your dogs. May you be guided through this
    transition with the same love and grace you extend to others through
    your exceptional blog.

    • Hi Maria,

      What a lovely message. Thank you. Yes, the passing of our dogs has been a hard thing to accept. They were as much family as our children, parents and siblings. And they were and are deeply loved. And missed. And thank you for your acknowledgement of the blog and its outreach. I love to write about what I’ve learned about energy. I’m glad it has meaning and value to you. Chakra Khan

  4. Jill,
    Thank you for such a beautiful reminder. I hope your time ahead brings you a wash of cool quiet and peace. Know that you are in my thoughts and thank you, again, for such a precious self-care reminder.

    • Amber-Lee, thank you so much for your kind words. I feel so grateful to you for recognizing that self-care is something that we all need to attend to and cultivate. My best to you as you care gently and lovingly for yourself. I’ll continue to do the same for myself. Chakra Khan


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