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Feeling Disconnected and Isolated

A good question from a Reddit user: I recently received my Reiki level 2 attunment, and ever since I have been having very strange emotional side affects that I wanted to get your opinion on…

Break Bad Habits

Got Persistent Bad Habits? What To Do…

What does choosing chocolate ice cream when you’d rather have vanilla have to do with spiritual bypass? Well, nothing unless you look behind the scenes at the behaviors that are driving the choice you didn’t want to make! When life is all about spirituality, but self-reflection and conscious awareness are absent, spiritual bypass is a given.

Well, Isn’t That Special?

Remember Dana Carvey as Church Lady and that line from Saturday Night Live?  It went viral before we knew what it meant to go viral.  Want to hear it again? Let’s reframe that line just a bit into, Well, Aren’t You Special.  Why?  Because it works for the post, that’s why.  Moving on… A friend … Read more